Kill all Takfiri terrorists but also kill the Takfiri ideology being spread through madrassas, media and curricula – by Mosh Z



In Zarb-e-Azb, we have blown up the caves, flattened the settlements, bulldozed the camps. We have killed ‘em all, at least in some parts of Fata.

In our jails, we have rounded up the ones deserving of the chair, or the chamber, or the guillotine (Who cares? As long as we don’t have to watch). Killed ‘em all.

The ones we can’t convict – the really nasty ones? Killed ‘em in police encounters. Killed ‘em all.

Yet still they killed Shuja Khanzada. They blew up Parachinar. They tore up a bus in Safoora Goth. Tore it right up. They aren’t as good at killing as they were allowed to be until APS Peshawar. But they keep killing. And we keep killing back.

When we see the large crowds celebrating Mumtaz Qadri and defending the Hafeez Center bigotry, maybe one question worth asking is whether we can ever really kill em all? Maybe more importantly, we should be asking, who is ‘them’?

They are Takfiri. Almost all of the suicide bombers belong to Takfiri Deoabndi sect. They are promoted by Deobandi madrassas and their partners in media, politics and educational institutions. That ideology must be replaced with equal and mutual respect of all faiths and sects.