Yakub Memon and Jinnah – Nadeem Zaidi

Yakub Memon

“Muhammad Ali Jinnah was right. India is for Hindus”…..Yakub Memon’s last message circulating on social media

When did Yakub say that? Mumbai police did not even permit his funeral rites to be filmed. I wonder how they allowed his message to come out on the media. And even if this is actually his message i find it sickening. Quaid e Azam Jinnah does not need a certificate of prescience from the memons of mumbai. While the quaid did ask all Muslims of pakistan to take keen interest in the welfare of Muslims left behind in India, he asked all Indian Muslims to be loyal and useful citizens of the Union of India. To him a loyal Indian Muslim, committed to the interests muslims at large, was not a coward, but a brave believer. The weak ones are the likes of the Memons who give India 140 million Muslims a bad name. The quaid wanted Pakistanis and Indian Muslims to make life easy for themselves not otherwise. He certainly would not have wanted criminal reactionaries like Yakub, nor Muslim turncoats like Abdul Kalam to be iconic figures in India. Jinnah was not a reactionary, and Muslims of India are not cowards. They dont run and hide like “Tiger” Memon and that eternal disgrace to Muslim India Dawood Ibrahim. Just for the record though I opposed the hanging of Yakub Memon on technical grounds, i cant wait to see Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim hanging from the nearest lamp posts. No one is more bitter about the killings of the Muslims that followed the demolition of the Babri Mosque in 1992. But by doing what they did the Memons only endangered the Muslims infinitely more than they could have been had Bombay blasts not taken place. On a political level the blasts helped take the focus away from the persecution of Muslims and helped put the Hindus in the position of the victims. The ensuing extremism strengthen India’s position abroad and ultimately gave way violent political Hindu nationalism that led to the rise of the BJP in 1996 and precipitated the much worse Gujarat pogrom of 2002.