Jim Pivonka’s comment on the historic Iran-US nuclear deal



Here I post comments by two Pakistani observers of different background and experience, re the nuclear agreement with Iran and its meaning for the future, from their point of view. Probably more interesting that anything you will see from the WaPo or NYTimes.
Muhammad Ali:
This agreement is going to pave a way for better economic ties. How bad our Ex President AAZ is but our politicians never compromise on National Interests. Our Nuclear might is a case in point. Iran has already laid the Gas Pipe Line upto Zahdan for the last two years plus and we have yet to start the work.

According to an agreement, we are suppose to pay US $ One Million per day as penalty for not fulfilling our contractual obligations but we must appreciate Iran for being too generous in exonerating the penalty by understanding our pathetic financial state and international pressures that stopped the deal. No names two of our Ministers visited Iran last year for concessions on penalty and Iranian leadership generously welcomed the guests in town and assured their whole hearted support.

Thanks China that came for our rescue and brought us in the stream to exhibit our relevance in the region. Thanks to the Armed forces and people of Pakistan for understanding the implications of terrorism and radicalism that will effect the future of our coming generations and are fighting as fist to get rid of it. I see all bright future for Jinnah’s Pakistan. Besides it will certainly be good for Iran and good for the world.

There will be few who will play Shia-Sunni and Israel-Muslim card to divide and instigate this emotional nation but peace and good will prevail. Arab world need not to worry being part of global community. Yes they should now focus on the well being of people of their countries rather than poking nose elsewhere. This agreement is win of all peace loving people of the region who would like Iran to play its rightful part for the welfare and development of its people and respecting the humanity around the globe.

Mind it Iranians are proud nation. They unite when their national identity is at stake. Irrespective of who is who at whelm of affairs they forget and show unity of strength and that what made them survive against internal and external aggressions. I don’t see a mad race of nuclear threats or holocausts in times to come unless we are mad ourselves. It is easy to start wars but it takes lots of hard work to make diplomacy work.

Ali K Chishti shared U.S. Department of State’s video:
I had always been a hawk myself on Iran based on our own internal dynamics but I guess there’s no harm in trying for maximum. President Obama’s deal on Iran is courageous however Obama out-going President would leave in-coming probably Hilary Clinton to the test especially with both Saudi-Israeli funding for Presidential elections and later during Presidency. The deal is momentous for two reasons, a, It stabilizes Persian proxies in Iraq/Syria and give strength to anti-IS ops & Afghanistan while b, US-EU long term energy requirements get secured apart from access to Central Asia.

The Saudis and Israelis however would not take them in the spirit but Saudi credibility has suffered and they remain weak (countries like Pakistan did not became the party to the Yemeni conflict which shows a trend). Israel needs to see realize that US and the world is changing with China & Asia becoming more important markets for everyone. US too can not take sides and needs newer, stronger alliances but at no-one’s cost.

US clout over Iran means Israel’s long-term security and Ayatullah will one day accept Israel for what it’s worth and not because of pressure but for both economics and IS/Wahabi/Salafi on borders. They have a common enemy now.

For Iran – it could not have come at a better time. It needs to realize that Khomeni is dead like Mao and that even China had embraced capitalism with all strings attached. Religious fanatism might serve your soul but it wont feed you. And that all nukes after all did not guarantee Soviet breakup.

For Pakistan its great news with new the gas-pipeline and development in Iran would help Pakistan economically. The world has changed so we must too. The gamble of not going to Yemen paid off and I was proved wrong.

Meanwhile Obama opened up Cuba & Iran. The ‘nexus of evil’ if there was any is broken by Obama not by America’s wrath but by good old diplomacy which is commendable.