Storms of lies and some naive comrades: A response to criticism of LUBP – by Aamir Hussaini

Note by the author: I have chosen not to respond to those thugs and commercial liberals who have just one ahideology, i.e., ideology of money, perks and cheap populism. This comment is for some of my younger comrades for them I have respect and I give value to their work. However, when they come under the influence of the commercial liberal thugs and draw wrong conclusions and syntheses from some assumed and forged premises, then I have to respond. I have chosen to use the public comments of Noor E Maryam, it is clear they reflect the misguided views of many.

Noor E Maryam Kanwer, Khurram Ali, Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi and some other young energetic activists are among those for whom I have lot of respect and appreciation due to their work and activism. But I clearly say that Noor E Maryam’s recent comment about LUBP blog is neither independent, nor impartial.

Noor E Maryam wrote:

“I have been ignoring all the propaganda by LUBP, but am very sorry to read some comments today. So It clearly seems to me LUBP is trying to ignite Shia youth’s pure sentiments. LUBP is working on spreading sectarianism in Pakistan. It’s not an allegation, It’s the observation based on facts.
Those who abuse or ridicule anyone/ any religious/spiritual figure of Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews or of any other faith are ignorant clearly. But those who get offended and start cursing/blaming/accusing as a reaction for sure not following the path of these prophets/saints/figures.
People esp youth must be aware of such biased approaches”

In response to the above comment, here is my full and final view on LUBP blog and its stance. After this please provide such proof which is from or from their orginial threads, not based on forged and bogus threads or fake accounts.

I clearly say that the commercial liberal gang of Najam Sethi, Beena Sarwar, Ilmana Fasih, Rubab Mehdi, Salman Haider, Anwar Durrani aka Ali Arqam etc is fake and bogus liberal and this is a criminal gang which is in fact playing a role like those so called liberals and enlightened of Middle East and North Africa who act as poodles of Saudi Arabia and other powers.

I declare that Nawaz Sharif is Hariri of Pakistan, PML-N is Future 14 alliance of Pakistan, and Najam Sethi and co are image builders of the future Hariri of Pakistan. My mission is that I shall continue to expose powerful Takfiri Deobandi fascist lobby in State institutions, political parties, religious circles and in civil society.

In a nutshell, my reply to Noor’s critical status on LUBP is as follows:

“One cannot counter allegations based on lies. LUBP has published detailed articles on its stance of peaceful protest against the vile, racist and misogynist language used against the icons of a faith community facing genocide. Degrading a community’s icons is part of the process of “othering” and coming from an ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq apologist like Ilmana Fasih, it is all the more concerning. Are those who are selectively bashing us ever stood up when LUBP and its contributors are routinely being threatened by the Tahir Ashrafi and pro-ASWJ accounts on twitter? Otherwise, this one-way criticism can be dismissed as hypocrisy.”

Noor E Maryam Kanwer: You need to give evidence from the LUBP web site based on which you concluded that LUBP is a sectarian group.

You correctly state, “Those who curse any Prophet or saint are ignorant” but when you say that to condemn such people is a violation of the path of the Prophets and saints, I differ with you.

First of all, in case of Ilmana Fasih and Ali Araqm and others where all this debate started, LUBP just peacefuly condemned Ilmana Fasih’s remarks about Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon them) and then LUBP peacefully condemned all those who were silent on this abuse. Condemnation in my view is not equal to Takfirism and not equal to provoking the people for violence. This is not sectarianism in my view.

Another response that came from LUBP on the use of abusive language about the Ahle Bait from those so called liberals who were already involved in obfuscating Shia genocide and Deobandi Takfiri identity of killers with promotion of sectarian, Takfiri leaders of ASWJ, was that such moves made by Illmana and others are not unconscious and are not without a design. It is no conincidence that icons of a genocide facing community are being attacked by the same lobby that obfuscates Shia genocide and Sunni Sufi genocide by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists.

I agreed with LUBP on this issue and I saw fault on that side which first chose to remain silent on abuses of Ilmana Fasih and when they faced criticism, then they suddenly used the blasphemy card against LUBP and other Sunni Sufi and Shia activists. The same lobby also blamed me of being involved in a hatemongering campaign among Shia, Sunni , Barelvi , Deobandi while calling me a paid agent and accusing me of running fake pages etc.

LUBP and other Sunni Sufi and Shia activists worked around two basic issues.

1- Shia Genocide is not result of Sunni-Shia sectarian , intersect war but this is result of fascism of takfiri groups emerged from Deobandi sect which are also responsible of killing of Sufi Sunnis, Christians and other minorities. This blog always exposes false binaries and false neutralism.

2- This blog with the passage of time found that in the civil society and media there are some rights activists and journalists including anchors, analysts, eassay writers who are icons of liberalism and secularism but their discourse on Shia genocide and more on Sunni Sufi genocide is obfuscative and they are involved in promotion of ASWJ and other takfiri terrorists organizations. They always avoid to associate takfirism with Deobandi Identity and they obfuscate the rapid pace of Deobandization of Pakistan. Najam Sethi, as per LUBP and also in my view, is the person who on one side organises process of obfuscation and other side he organises a campaign against all those who were involved in unmasking this organised obfuscative campaign. (I do not still think that you and other  young comrades are a part of this game consciously but you are under influence due to massive bombardment against LUBP and me, therefore i am writing and responding. On Najamia camp I have chosen path of not responding.)

I saw that from Ale Natiq (Ali Mahshadi) to Ali Arqam (Anwar Durrani) and from Rubab Mehdi to Salman Haider, they have not even a single proof which they could show from LUBP blog to show that LUBP is a Takfiri campaigner blog and they failed to provide even single sentence from LUBP to show that the blog incited people to lynch, kill or rape Ilmana (these accusation were made by Rubab, Salman, Ale Natiq and others on their wall on FB, twitter and blogs). The basis of their allegations was not LUBP blog or threads of Ali Abbas Taj, Khurram Zaki, Abdul Nishapuri, Zara Bokhari, Noor Darwesh, Abbas Zaidi, but the basis of such allegations was first a fake twitter account, then a fake facebook account unmaskingtraitor and a blog on wordpress

When the real face of Ale Natiq behind these fake accounts was exposed, then suddenly another fake account on twitter titled Halal-Tweet arose and this accounts forged one of my threads, one of Ali Abbas Taj’s threads and one of Khurram Zaki’s threads and tried to prove all of us as fanatics, takfiri campaigners and involved in inciting people to lynch Ilmana fasih. Another fake account arose during this period, LUBP Exposed or LUBPTruth, which not only spread lies and bogus things about LUBP and me but it also threarened me to publicise my mobile no, names of my relatives, my pictures and and also others false and harassing things against me.

My wall remains always public, my original picture is always there. On my Twitter account my original pic is present and all people from left to right know about me very well. My mobile phone is an open scret and hundreds of people know my contact number. I saw many likes from you, Noor e Maryam, and other friends but never saw single comment in my support or not even a question on my statuses.

Why are they posting bogus and forged screen shots or giving references to non-LUBP blogs, and why they are not giving any solid proof? Such proof which they have taken from LUBP blog or from my writings or those who are part of LUBP.

I hate cheating, lies, gossips and other such cheap tactics which are being adopted by the commercial liberal gang.

Storm of lies can not blur the face of truth.

Those intellectuals, writers , poets, journalists, social activists and workers who are not only opposing Saudization, radical Deobandization of Pakistan and those who are exposing Deobandi – Salafi takfiri fascist alliance and all forms of this social phenomenon are on path of Ali , Fatima, Hassan , Hussain , Abuzar and path of Msnsur Hilaj and they are on path of all revolutionaries who revolted against every type of fascism , oppression, suppression and every type of darkness .

And in Pakistan, in my view, it is only LUBP blog that is genuinely an alternative media, providing space to all such intellectuals, poets, writers , social activists who are against Saudization and the Deobandization process of Indian subcontinent .

You should keep in mind that when we talk about the Deobandization process in Indian subcontinent with fundings of Saudis and other Gulf states and with help of the Sate institutions of Pakistan, then we never equalise Deobandi Sect and Daruloom Deoband’s tradition of Indian national secularism with current Deobandism which have been totally deflected toward Saudi and Salafi political radical Ideology which have powerful germs of Takfiri Fascism and violence. This is not sectarianism but this is elaboration of truth with arguments and solid proofs not just shallow phrasing and sloganary.

I suggest my younger comrades to study and analyze more in depth the Saudization and its impact on world and its links with modern Deobandism and they should also analyze in depth the process of Deobandization of Pakistan and role in it played by Nawaz Sharif and others.

Is it mere coincidence that Nawaz Sharif has not only the support of Deobandi Tablighis, Deobandi Takfiris , Deobandi obfuscators but has also the support of Najam Sethi and Co, of Geo/Jang group and all those are united to peddle false Sunni-Shia sectarian binary or Saudi-Iran binary as explanation of Shia genocide by Takfiri Deobandis.

I am amused when anti LUBP campaigners appeal to Shia youth to be aware of LUBP blog because similar warnings are also being issued by Tahir Asharafi, ASWJ and Ludhayanvi who describe LUBP as a pro Iranian or pro imperialist American and Israeli blog which is being funded by CIA.

LUBP took position against Saudi aggression on Yemen, it took position against so called liberation or Jihadist Movement in Syria and it took postion against Jihadi proxies of CIA in Afghanistan and Syria. Are these positions complying with the line of USA and other imperialist powers?

There are many other issues on which LUBP blog has more progressive, more enlightened and more revolutionary postions than many posers and pretenders around in the elitist liberals and elitist Marxists. In my view, the only sin or fault of LUBP is that it does not compromise with the poodles of Pakistani Rafiq Hariri.

Noor E Maryam: Have you read my conversation with LUBP’s Editor-in-Chief Ali Abbas Taj posted on my blog:

In that blog, Ali Abbas revealed many facts about Beena Sarwar but I never saw a single word by those who call themseleves champion of Shia cause on those revealtions which expose the commercial liberal criminal gang.

I have more things to say and to reveal but for now my final words are that recently a poster appeared on Ale Natiq and Ali Arqam’s Roshni page on FB about Junaid Jamshaid and in its status admins of Roshni used this title for Junaid (Blasphemer of the Mother of Believers Hazrat Ayesha r.a., the cursed Junaid Jamshed).
امی عائشہ کے گستاخ و ملعون جنید جمشید

This poster was published two days ago but I have not seen anyone (including those who maliciously misrepresent peaceful condemation of Ilamana by LUBP as a takfiri campaign) criticising the Roshni Page or declaring that poster as takfiri and inciting people to lynch Junaid Jamshaid.

With Regards

Aamir Hussaini

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