Khaki Billongdas of LUBP are let loose on Beena Sarwar and other liberals on social media – by Ali Arqam


Note: Aman Ki Asha’s Beena Sarwar group’s frontman in Karachi, Mr Anwar Durrani aka Ali Arqam, has once again alleged that LUBP is a Pakistan army-sponsored blog which has been let loose to harass Beena Sarwar, her assistant Ilmana Fasih (notorious for her abuses to Hazrat Ali a.s.) and other elitist liberals and their wannabe promoters and flatterers. Not unlike Ale Natiq and Salma Hyder, Arqam too wrongly alleged that there is a Shia and Sunni Sufi lynch mob that wants to murder Ilamna Deobandi on charges of blasphemy. ¬†According to senior political analyst Pejamistri, both Ali Arqam and Ale Natiq belong to the wannabe categories of careerist type activists who readily sold their conscience to the Beena-Sethi group of the Ashrafi brand of liberals in order to have their blogs published in mainstream newspapers and find other lucrative opportunities. The following comments are self-explanatory.






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