Kingdom of Soodi Barbaria to protect Democracy in Yemen – Syed Farrukh Abbas


After successfully exporting ” Democracy ” (read ISIS, Alqaida) to Syia and Iraq now the People’s Republic of Kingdom of Soodi Barbaria is protecting it in Yemen.

Hired mercenaries from 10 countries including GCC countries, Egypt, Morocco, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Sudan ,Jordan, our very own Bakhshoo with Saudi Army are about to Invade Yemen.

Not to forget Bakhshoo helped Jordanian King killing Almost 20,000 – 25,000 Palestinians during Black September, killing hundreds in Bahrain, now offered very same Services to the Saudi masters.(We’ve been doing this since 1979).

Just in case you want To know These are some of the US-backed democrats who are bombing Yemen to restore democracy there.