Condemning Swedish Bombing: Like Nazism, Islamofascism too must be confronted, says MCC

Unlike most of the Muslims organizations abroad that are either sectarian or ethnocentric, largely authoritarian, and influenced by a fear of modernity, Muslim Canadian Congress is a grassroots organization founded by Tarek Fatah, it provides a voice to Muslims  who support a ” progressive, liberal, pluralistic, democratic, and secular society where everyone has the freedom of religion.”

MCC has always denounced the doctrine of armed Jihad and has condemned the recent Swedish suicide bombing in very strong terms.

LUBP is encouraged that Muslim Groups are taking a stand against terrorism. Together, we can overcome the menace of extremism and Islamofascism.

TORONTO – The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) unequivocally condemns the suicide bombing in Sweden, reiterates its renunciation of the doctrine of armed Jihad that is the root cause of such terrorist attacks, and calls on all Islamic groups to join it in its fight against fascistic tendencies in the Muslim community.

The MCC has repeatedly pointed out the links between these Jihadi terrorists and their parent Islamist organizations, such as the Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan-India-Bangladesh and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab World that provide the academic nourishment and spiritual sustenance to these terrorists.  The MCC points out that these parent organizations have their subsidiaries in all secular and democratic societies, be it Sweden or Canada, where they operate freely and use the misplaced and ill-informed sympathies from some sections of the Left to further their agenda of Islamist imperialism and the destruction of secular and democratic values.

In addition, some Islamist groups receive massive funding from both Saudi Arabia based financial and charitable institutions as well through private Saudi billionaires who are fuelling the worldwide war of Islamism against human civilization. These funders also include citizens of other totalitarian Gulf Arab monarchies. These billions of dollars are then utilized to gain control of not just the mosque pulpit, but even marginal left-wing politicians in the West who misuse the Leftist narrative to provide subterfuge to the Islamist cause.

The MCC believes that unless the overseas funding of these groups and organizations is not stopped and the Islamists are not confronted and exposed, acts such as the terror suicide bombing in Stockholm, will only increase and sooner or later a major Canadian city will have to witness the carnage London, Madrid, New York and now Stockholm have suffered.

The MCC believes the West must distinguish between Islam on one hand and Islamism and Islamofascism on the other. The MCC believes that like Nazism, Islamofascism has to be confronted by all available means, but first and foremost, ideologically.  Without recognizing Islamism as a fascist ideology and not permitting this fascist ideology to hide behind the protection of religion, the West will remain not just handcuffed and tongue-tied in this war, but also clueless in how to deal with an enemy that lives and prospers amongst us.

The MCC believes being ant-Islamism does not make one oppose Islam or Muslims. On the contrary, Islamism’s primary victims are Muslims who are dying at the rate of a dozen-a-day at the hands of these jihadi monsters.

The MCC wishes to remind Muslims as well as non-Muslims that the fight between Islam and Islamism is not a new phenomenon; it has been a struggle between peace and violence that goes back to the roots of early Islam. As we Muslim approach the 10th of Muharrum in the Muslim calendar on December 16, we need to realize we are commemorating the massacre of Prophet Muhammad’s very own family by the Islamists of that time. The people who were willing to kill the Prophet’s family in cold blood in the year 680CE to retain power and maintain supremacy, are the same people who threaten human civilization itself in the year 2010.

The MCC is also deeply critical of some elements on the Left whose blind support of multiculturalism enables the Islamists and their Jihadist proxies to establish roots in democratic and secular societies and destroy it from within as parasites and termites. The shortsightedness of leftist groups enamoured by the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hamas and Hezbollah will have far reaching consequences. The MCC appeals to left-wing groups in the West to stop working alongside fascist, misogynist and homophobic Islamist groups who are merely using the legitimacy they get when they pepper their jihadi talk with anti-imperialist language, but who in reality are more hostile to the basic values the left has fought for in the last 200 years.

The suicide bombing in Sweden should be a wake up call for all of Canada.



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