ASWJ-TTP’s threatening handbills against Pakistan army, media, Christians, Shias and Sunni Barelvis



This threatening handbill was found at the crime scene in Bahadurabad, Karachi, where two Shia Bohra Muslims were killed and four injured on 4 March 2015 by the ASWJ Taliban Deobandi terrorists.

The handbill declares open war against Pakistan army, media, Shia Muslims, Sunni Sufi Muslims and Christians. Accordig to religious edicts (fatwa) of Darul Uloom Deoband, Shias are infidels while Sunni Sufis/Barelvis are deviants and polytheists.

This is yet another indication that the ASWJ-TTP terrorists are enemies of all Pakistanis irrespective of faith or sect. This is not Sunni vs Shia, this is Takfiri Deobandi vs humanity.