Western and Wahhabi channels give sectarian colour to Iraqi Shia and Sunni united front against ISIS



Western TV channels eg BBC, CNN along with Salafi Wahhabi channels Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya are parroting the ISIS-AlQaeda-ASWJ propaganda describing Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and Popular Mobilisation Units as sectarian Shia militas.

These idiots or thugs are trying to hide that:

– There are at least 25% Sunni Muslims in ISF including Sunni Arabs and Sunni Kurds.
– Thousands of Sunni Arabs have joined the Poular Mobilisation Units to liberate Tikrit, Mosul, Falluja and other areas from the Salafi Deobandi terrorists of ISIS.
– Thousands of Sunni Muslims have been massacred by the Salafi Deobandi terrorists of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Today, Shia and Sunni Muslims of Iraq, along with Kurds, Ezidis and Christians, are united against the transnational Salafi and Deobabdi terrorists of ISIS, Nusra, AlQaeda and ASWJ.