DG ISPR’s briefing on Peshawar massacre of our children exposed the entire gang of Deobandi Khawarij – Zaid Hamid


DG ISPR gave a detailed briefing on Peshawar massacre of our children. The entire gang was exposed, handlers were named and this was also disclosed that the killers stayed in the house of an Imam of Masjid before beginning their slaughter of our children !! It was a Deobandi masjid and an Deobandi Iman who was a Kharji, protected the Khawarij and then supported the massacre of our children ! We have been saying over and over again — This is the Duty of Deoband Ulama to condemn the killers and Khawarij within their ranks. Otherwise, we will rip them apart, humiliate the, insult them and expose their filth which they hide in their hearts !

But we hear nothing from Tariq Jameel, Samee, Fazal, Sheerani, Mufti naeem. What we do hear is that Mufti naeem was also involved in burning 300 people alive in Karachi ! Ya Allah ! What a curse this fitnah of Khawarij is…..

There is a great responsibility on Deobandi clerics to clearly disown and condemn takfiri khawarij within their own ranks.

In Hadees Shareef, there is mention of a “pious” man, who remained busy in praying and Ibadaat of Allah (swt) BUT NEVER stopped his people from the Zulm, despite having the power to stop the Zulm. Allah destroyed those people, starting from the Alim who was so “pious” !!

When I read these Hadees shareef, it reminds me of Tariq Jameel (TJ)! He will bring azaab on this nation and his people because of his criminal silence despite having the power to stop this bloodshed by Khawarij.

Many idiots say that I have become personal with TJ. This is stupid argument. The fact is that all other Deobandi mullahs who have influence over Khawarij are all exposed fully in front of the nation. Fazal, Samee, Mufti Naeem, Tahir Ashrafi, Munawwar hasan, Siraj are exposed and humiliated. But TJ is still respected by many people and all Khawarij follow him with great respect.

If Tariq Jameel in his Tablighi Jamaat Jalsas and speeches declare TTP as Khawarij, it will stop huge bloodshed in the country. But he decides to remain silent…. supporting the Khawarij in their war against Ummat e Rasul (sm). All his ibadat can go to hell if he is afraid to speak the truth ! No respect for someone who stays silent now despite having the power to speak up!

Tariq Jameel, Imam Hussian (RA) wrote this for people like you !! Read it well, for tomorrow you will have to answer to Allah and His Prophet on your silence !!! You have the capacity to stop this slaughter. The Khawarj listen to you. Stop being a beyghairat.