Selected Authors : KLF – by Stand Truth


The only problem with these kind of festivals and activities is that this is for elite class “Burger” people of Defense and Clifton area. Any Book publisher or any artistic organization in Pakistan does not want to reach the the people on grass-root level.

Fame and Fortune
They only invite people with fame and fortune and not those who are new writers. They do not even have any sort of strategy to reach to new talent. If new talent tries to reach them, they do not even respond let alone encourage them.
Fake Outlooks
These kinds of festivals have been happening since British Era and these are just for outlooks and shows as if a lot is happening on literary level in a third world country.
It’s time for hundred new organizations to step in and finish the monopoly of such groups which are not even Pakistani in nature. Even their motto and philosophy of work differs with the very core of humanity and true freedom of human being.
I have suffered myself
I have written four books of poetry but in Pakistan in order to be recognized either you have to be a sibling of a powerful government official or politician or a sibling or relative of already famous person. Well I forgot to mention the mafia, if you have connection with any mafia then also you you book will be published by a powerful publisher and the media coverage will be there because if not them chaos would be the respond.”