Chief Justice Ijaz Chaudhry: The new monkey in Lahore

It seems that one stupid man (now retired CJ Khwaja Sharif) at the helm of affairs at the Lahore High Court has been replaced by another equally incompetent, narrow minded and politically corrupt Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry.

The Facebook ban

Justice Ijaz Chaudhry is the same ‘wise’ man who had ordered the Pakistani government to ban Facebook in Pakistan on 19 May 2010 in order to eliminate blasphemous content from the internet. The order was given pursuant to a petition by Islamic Lawyers Forum (a forum of extremist Deobandis of Jamaat-e-Islami) for such relief.

Justice Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to block access from within Pakistan to Facebook, YouTube and over 600 other websites deemed to carry “growing sacrilegious content”. He advised that the Pakistani government explore a central censorship system, such as those used in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to block hate content. (Source)

Ultimately, sanity prevailed and given the immense public pressure from within and outside Pakistan, the LHC decided to lift the ban on facebook and other websites.

After taking oath as the Chief Justice

Now, immediately after taking oath as the CJ of the Lahore High Court, this is what Justice Ijaz Chaudhry has said and done:

Recite the Quran before starting judicial work

He said the judges should start judicial work with the recitation of Quran, adding that we all are answerable to the Allah and should always remember Him. Does he realize that non-Muslims too are Pakistani citizens and that they too must be provided with an opportunity to recite Bible, Gita etc consistent with their religious beliefs. Or, one may ask, why at all religions has to be amalgamated with the everyday affairs of the court?

It is not people’s votes but the lawyers movement which brought democracy in the country

– Addressing lawyers at the Aiwan-e-Adl after inaugurating the first website of the Lahore Bar Association (LBA) on 11 Dec 2010, Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry said democracy in the country was restored as a result of the lawyers’ movement and no one should misconstrue that they had reached parliament through the ballot.

– He stressed on good relations between the bar and the bench, saying that democracy and judges in Pakistan had been restored on account of a movement initiated and completed by the legal fraternity. (Source)


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  1. Justice Ijaz Chaudhry was born on December 12, 1950, in Jabbal village of Shakargarh tehsil. He was enrolled as advocate in year 1975 and as high court and Supreme Court lawyer in 1977 and 1992, respectively. He was elevated as an LHC judge on May 2, 2001.

    Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry has been giving a number of interesting verdicts. Controversial scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan also got relief from his court against his free movement was allegedly restricted by federal government.

  2. The newly appointed Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry on his first working day as chief justice took a suo motu notice of police torture on students and teachers outside the Punjab Assembly and sought a report from Punjab’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) by December 13. The chief justice directed the IGP to submit a written report through an officer not below the rank of deputy inspector general, fully conversant with the facts.
    In the suo motu, the chief justice held: “A news item along with a photograph appearing in the newspapers showing the police subjecting a teacher to torture and assault outside the Punjab Assembly during the protest on the issue of the constitution of a board of governors and privatisation of educational institutions, appears outrageous and in violation of freedom of expression guaranteed by the constitution.” The courts being custodian therefore are under a duty to ensure that the rights of citizens are protected, he held.
    Justice Chaudhry added that to know the actual and factual position of the matter, “I, in exercise of my powers under Article 199(1)(c) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 direct the IGP to submit a detailed report in writing.” He also directed advocate general Punjab to ensure compliance of this order and appear before the court to assist in the matter.

    Published in The Express Tribune, December 10th, 2010.

  3. Zardari case verdict to have enduring impact: Justice Ejaz
    November 24, 2010

    Lahore High Court’s Justice Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry on Wednesday said the decision the court will make pertaining to the dual office case against Asif Ali Zardari will have a long lasting impact.

    A five-member divisional bench of the court on Wednesday resumed the hearing into the case challenging Asif Ali Zardari’s holding of dual offices of the president of Pakistan and co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party.

    During the hearing, Justice Ejaz said the bench will give a verdict which will have an enduring impact.

    At the previous hearing, the LHC had appointed senior lawyer Abid Hasan Manto as judicial assistant. However, Manto said he had not received any notification from the court in order to proceed in the direction. He therefore requested the court for time to prepare for the hearing. The court subsequently adjourned the hearing till December 13.

    Moreover, during the previous hearing, petitioner A K Dogar argued that using the President’s House for political activities was not appropriate conduct. He further stated that President Zardari should be representative of the federation and not the party.

  4. what about the monkeys sitting in islamabad? the best one being the monkey that PPP has placed on the president’s seat…and the very efficient interior minister and known THUG! I think the PPP should appoint one of Zardari’s cronies aka monkeys to the high court…..a beautiful example of such an appointment is the appointment of a night club manager at a very important seat…..Corrupt and inefficient are words synonymous with the current PPP govt which this forum seems to support unconditionally! I think u should rename it to let us DeStroy Pakistan…because that is what the MONKEYS in your HONEST and EFFICIENT government are doing…..It is pakistanis like you that give all of us a bad name!

  5. Please don’t insult monkeys ….

    Justice Ijaz Chaudhry is only like the rest of us; misguided. He is however, very incompetent in judicial matters. He is particularly inept at medico legal cases of murder. Recently he pronounced after reading a positive poisoning report that “no poison is found” – I swear it!

  6. Belive it or not ….. Chief Justice Ijaz Chaudhary Sahab is a man of principles, deadly honest , pious , hardworking , God Fearing and Martinet .He is the one who does not believe in nepotism , Gratifications and corruption in this age and regime of Materialism. So please not to say something when and what you dont know that what he is . This is the blessing of Allah Pak that we have a person , as chief justice of Lahore High Court like Ijaz Chaudhry Sahab. May God bless him with all his blessings ever and ever.

  7. This is an unfortuante situation where the most incompetent ones are holding the most responsible posts.Such real cases of ” tails wagging the dogs ” are common place obervations in every walk of life.The irony is that they have to decide the fate of our destiny.

  8. es ki aik behan ha (Naseem Firdoos) jo k bahut ghalat aurat ha us ny chief Justice Sb k village mein logon k nakk mein dam kr rakha ha Session Judge Narowal k sath aik hi kamry mein us ny kai ratein guzari hein lakin chief sb ko koi sharm nahi ati us k khilaf koi fasla nahi sunaty plz chief sb pehle apni behan ko control karein plzzzzzz