Nawaz Sharif is behind the Lawyers Movement Part 2 to undermine military operation against Taliban-ASWJ terrorists


As before, Nawaz Sharif is behind the Lawyers Movement Part 2, this time to undermine Pakistan army’s operation against takfiri khariji terrorists of the Taliban (TTP) and Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ).

In this endeavour, PM Nawaz Sharif is helped by none else than the notorious pro-Taliban Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry Deobandi (a cousin of Rana Sanaullah), Justice Khawaja Sharif (Mumtaz Qadri’s lawyer), Asma Jahangir, Tahir Ashrafi (Shahbaz Bhatti’s killer), Najam Sethi (the one who released more than 100 LeJ terrorists as CM Punjab), Hamid Khan, Ahmed Ludhyanvi, Siraj ul Haq and Fazl ur Rehman.

We condemn the Lawyers Movement Part II against the military courts, led by PML-N, Jamat Islami, JUI and ASWJ affiliated lawyers.

Nawaz Sharif and his PMLN want to undermine the Operation Zarbe Azb against takfiri Deobandi khawarij of Taliban (TTP) and Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ).

Everyone knows that bar councils, lawyers and courts in Lahore and Islamabad are on Nawaz Sharif’s payroll hence remain loyal to PMLN’s political agendas which are not very dissimilar to those of TTP.

Hamid Khan and Asma Jhanagir are acting as Nawaz Yafta lawyers and are committed allies of the ASWJ-TTP khwarij.

PMLN is backstabbing Pakistan army’s operation and military courts against takfiri terrorists.
Fake liberals and Deobandi khwarij are united in the name of human rights but their real agenda is to save takfiri terrorists from the wrath of Pakistan army and nation.




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