This is how Deobandi mosques are used to recruit takfiri Khawarij – Zaid Hamid


This is how the whole recruitment cartel works for the Khawarij ! Deobandi Masjids are used for this purpose.

First they gather innocent Muslims in the name of Tableegh or Tauheen e Risalat or Hazrat Umer day etc… Then the real game begins…

TTP Khawarij come and take over the masjid, stand guard not allowing anyone to leave and then the brain washing begins… In the end, volunteers are taken to fight for the Taliban cause… turning ordinary children or young men into Khawarij suicide bombers.

They use the name of Taliban — ordinary people dont know if they are talking about Mullah Umer or Mullah Fazlullah ! All these recruitment is done for Mullah Fazlullah. You can see this whole filthy drama in this dark video here.