Entire religious and sectarian wars in Pakistan are being waged by Deobandi gangs -LeJ, SSP, TTP – by Zaid Hamid


This is an unfortunate fact that entire religious and sectarian wars in Pakistan are being waged by Deobandi gangs — LeJ (Lashkar-e-Jhangvi), SSP (Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakiatan), TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan)!

This is a decisive moment for Deobandi clergy in Pakistan. They have to decide if they are standing with Pakistan or with TTP Khawarij!

This is a religious war with an ideological narrative. Deobandi scholars must speak out against terrorists of their sect else its treason!!

Today, the Pakistan state, nation and the armed forces are fighting an existential bloody war against Khawarij gangs from Deobandi sect.

Deoband clergy is trying to twist the issue into a sectarian debate. The fact is that the war is against Khawarij and Deoband MUST join it!

Nation is watching in ful view as Fazal-ur-Rehman, Sami-ul-Haq, Tariq Jameel, Siraj-ul-Haq, Mufti Naeem are desperate to protect Khawarij and refuse to call them Khawarij

Ahl Hadees (Salafi), Ahl Sunnah and Shias Muslims already consider TTP as Khawarij gangs. Only top Deobandi leaders are resisting. This is shameful!

A disgusting fact that you find Liberal seculars standing side by side with terrorists to defend cut throats of TTP!


my conversation with a Deobandi scholar. Now you be the judge how rational or mature they are.
Deobandi: Zaid sb, all Mujahideen are deobandis. Taliban are deobandis. Mullah Umer is the ameer of TTP and they are all deobandis. why are you speaking against Mujahideen ??
Me: Sahib, This is what I am saying. They are deobandis and TTP are also terrorists and khawarij, so Ulama e deoband must condemn TTP as Khawarij.
Deobandi: Zaid sb, dont call TTP as deobandis. Terrorists have no religion.
Me: You just said TTP & Afghan Taliban are deobandis. Then why shouldn’t I call TTP Khawarij as deobandis ??
Deobandi: Zaid sb, you are spreading sectarianism……
Me: ufffff *bang my head on the wall* :)))
Now you tell me… Can you argue with this mentally retarded mindset ?? That is why Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has advised us to deal with them with sword.


Everyone who knows this faqeer knows that my sect is Ishq e Rasul (sm) and Adab e Rasul (sm), the sect of Khulfa e Rashideen !! Alhamdolillah. I am a Muslims alone…
But this is also a sad fact that our millat is divided into sects and all parties and groups are divided on sectarian lines.
Within Pakistan, All Ahl Hadees Muslims, all Ahl Sunnat Muslims, all Shias Muslims have already declared TTP/Lalmasjid as Khawarij. They have no confusion over this issue that TTP must be crushed by force by Pak army. Almost 90% Muslims of Pakistan consider TTP as Khawarij and terrorists and demand that they must be crushed.
Only Deobandis are divided within. Mufti Rafi Usmani is strongly against Khawari and has given a strong statement calling them Zalimaan and Baghi and has asked Pak army to crush them.
But other Deobandis, like Fazal, Samee, Mufti Naeem, Tariq Jameel, Wafaq ul Madaris etc… are resisting and are refusing to call TTP as Khawarij. This is where we strongly oppose them. Now they are under extreme pressure from the army and the nation and are trying to give general statements like “terrorists should be crushed” but are not willing to name TTP as Khawarij. This is treachery with the Ummah and Pakistan.
This is NOT a sectarian issue. This is war against Rasul Allah (sm), Islam and Pakistan. All what we are asking from pro-TTP deobandis is to declare them as Khawarij and call them Wajib ul Qatl. what is so difficult about it ??
Anyone not calling TTP as Khawarij will be treated as backers, sponsors and allies of Khawarij and we will be very harsh with them. Know this clearly..
Those kids here who follow Deoband sect, dont try to speak for the your elders. Your elders can speak themselves. Go to them. ask them to give the fatwa which Mufti Rafi Usmani has given. If they do, then good. If they dont, then know that they are followers of Khawarij too.


Let me share with you a personal experience with Deoband.
When we started our mission of Takmeel e Pakistan in 2007, immediately, we faced resistance and fatwas of Kufr from Deoband Binnori town. Mufti Naeem & another Mufti Saeed Jalal puri were leading this preposterous campaign to declare me a Qadiani. They were given this task by their Indian Hindu Mushrik friends. They never met me, never asked me anything, never fulfilled any sharia requirement but released multiple books and fatwas calling me a Kafir. This is against all norms and hukm of Quran and Sunnah and a haram act especially from a Darul Uloom or Mufti.
I did many press conferences, press releases, TV statements, FB announcements clearly announcing that I am NOT a Qadiani and this bohtan from deoband must be stopped. I even met Adnan Kakakhel and many top deobandi scholars and explained to them my point of view. I even met Mullah Diesal Fazlur Rehman and their Senator Talha. Senator Talha took me to meet many top JUI leaders and senators who promised to stop the Binnori town from this campaign. But they never did. They all said that they cannot speak against their own sect,even if they are wrong !!! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !
Then Mufti Jalalpuri tried to get a blasphemy FIR registered against me when I was in Pindi. By the will of Allah, he was killed in a targeted sectarian atatcks. But the Darul Uloom Binnori town decided to register the murder FIR against me, fully knowing that it was a false allegation and I have nothing to be with the murder. I was in Pindi, when he was killed in Karachi. Again, another great zulm and bohtan from so called great scholars.
A massive campaign was built against me. Khutbas were given in masjids, posters were posted all over the country and whereever I went for lectures and speeches, their ghundas would also reach and try to disrupt the programs which were pure patriotic programs to defend Pakistan at a time, when Khawarij were fully attacking Pakistan. Even on March 23rd, 2010, when we were having a Takmeel e Pakistan conference in Lahore, they tried to get that cancelled through brute force, threat and ghunda gardi. This was the character of our Ulama.
During all these years, I avoided all confrontation with the Deoband clergy, which was going insane trying to destroy me and the mission. We stopped doing public programs, our TV programs were blocked under their threat and we were forced to work through the social media only.
Interestingly, during this time, we were fully supported by Ahl-Hadees, Ahl Sunnat & Shia Muslims and by patriotic Pakistanis who respected our mission, duty and love for Pakistan and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).
But a small segment of Deoband remained and still remain our most brutal enemies.
Why was deoband my enemy ?? why one man was so dangerous for them that they had to get him killed by all means foul ??
reason was Ghazwa e Hind !! We had attacked the Hindu Mushriks and had told the Pakistani nation that Allah has created you for Ghazwa e Hind. We had also attacked the TTP, the Khawarij, who were attacking Pakistan most fiercely in those times. We had attacked Banking and Riba system, which is at war with Rasul Allah (sm). We had defended Pak army and Iqbal and Quaid. We had revived the love of Pakistan and united the millat in the name of Khilafat e Rashida.
These were dangerous ideas for the the Mushriks and their brothers in deoband, so Mufti Naeem and his likes of Tahir Ashrafi types were given the duty by Geo/SAFMA to declare me a kafir and get me killed !! The so called good deobandis, remained silent, despite knowing fully well that their brothers were doing the greatest of zulm and defending the Mushriks !
Now you know why they call me a Qadiani. They cannot attack the mission, so they have to attack the man leading it. They did this exactly the same with Quaid and Allama Iqbal. Called them, Kafir and Qadiani. Old tricks, new times, same friends of Mushriks..
Still, I never told you this detail. Just kept silent on their attacks on me. But when their war against Pakistan got too dangerous, then I had to speak out and expose them. Which I am doing even now because they are defending the Khawarij and not calling for their destruction.
Today, they accuse me of spreading sectarianism. when they were calling a faqeer a Kafir and trying to get him killed, what were they doing ?? is that according to sharia and Islam which they are doing even now ?? you can google the videos of Mufti Naeem, where he calls me a Dajjal, Kafir, murtid… and wajiul Qatl. why ??? is that Islam ?? is that sharia ??
Today, Allah has exposed them as Allah exposed the Khawarij and their patron like Geo and Safma. That is why the pro-Mushrik Deobandis are in pain, screaming that I should stop !!
By God, now the swords of army will deal with them. Their game is exposed. Allah save His faqeer from their fitnah, lies and deceptions. Now we have greater duties for Pakistan, while Pak army will hunt and kill the khawarij and their brothers in Pakistan.
This is Makafat e Amal ! TRhe zulm which Mufti Naeem and his gangsters did is now coming to haunt them, alhamdolillah !!
This is my personal story, which I never shared with you all. Now you know why they call me a Kafir and why they protect the Khawarij !!


In the last 10 years, nearly 100,000 Muslims have been killed by these butchers and their elders remained silent, allowing the massacre to go on. Now when we ask their elders for explanations, they accuse us of spreading sectarianism. So, what was these Khawarij spreading ??
This report is made by a think tank, NOT me. Just read their sect..
Now, when I ask their scholars, to condemn these Khawarij, they still refuse except Maulana Usmani, the brave man.

Refer to the list of terrorists hanged so far. All of them belong to Deobandi khawarij.


If Shias, Barelvis or Salafis become Khawarij,I will fight against them with equal ferocity. But for now, the Khawarij are from Deoband only
I dont care about anyone’s sect but would surely respond if their political/religious views are killing innocent Muslims & our children !!
The religious arguments of the Khawarij must be crushed through sound academic arguments of Quran/Sunnah! This is not being done yet.
The war Pakistan faces has a deeply religious & sectarian narrative. It must be responded on religious lines too while we hang them in jails.
All those who are opposing me are actually supporting the Khawarij, Mushriks and Kuffar in this war !! I dont give a damn, but they will be damned for sure in dunya and akhira !! In war against Mushriks and Khawarij, you cannot be neutral or oppose the forces of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). !


Read about Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani sb: He resigned from deoband and joined Quaid, formed his own party. He became anti-Deoband and defended Muslims against pro-Hindu policies of Deoband. deobandis can remain blind but facts cannot changed.


Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani was in deoband during Pakistan movement. But when it became clear to him Deoband are friends of Mushriks against Muslim, he resigned from Deoband and joined Quaid e Azam ! Before that he was blessed with Ziarat of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) where Sayyadi asked him to support Quaid e Azam. Allama Usmani himself narrated this story on the jinaza of Quaid.
Similarly, Ashraf ali thanvi sb also resigned from Deoband when Hussain ahmed madni invited Gandhi to Deoband and asked this Mushrik to give a speech standing on Manbar e Rasul (sm) !!! Yes, Ashraf Ali thankvi sb also resigned and left deoband.
The pro-Mushrik role of Darul Uloom is well known now. At partition, there were strongest brothers of Mushriks. thousands of Muslims were butchered because they trusted the Hindus on the advice of deoband and were later killed by Hindus. Even now, Deoband are strongest supporters of Modi !! Have given fatwa against Jihad in Kashmir and fully support Khawarij. Indian national security adviser Doval’s video should be enough proof.
I would urge all Muslims to do what Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani and Maulana Ashraf ali thanvi did. why name yourself as deobandis when you know that they have become enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and friends of khawarij and Mushriks ?? Leaving the name deobandi does not mean you are becoming a Kafir or leaving Islam ?? Allah has named you Muslim. Isnt that enough for us.
On the day of judgement, everyone will rise with their group. We want to rise with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) alone !! You take your choice !! do you want to rise with Hussain ahmed madni and Modi ??
Deoban scholars must make their position clear, like Allama Shabbir ahmed usmani did in 1947 and Mufti Rafi Usmani has done now. All others are only playing games….


In the last 20 years in Pakistan, nearly 100,000 Muslims have been killed in sectarian wars between Deobandis and Shias..
The biggest sectarian groups whose hands are dripping with blood are deobandis — LeJ, SSP, TTP
Shias have militant groups also but they mostly only target militants of Deobandi groups.
Deobandis were first to give fatwas of Kufr against Shias.. starting a sectarian war which has burnt the entire country.
Then these same deobandis had given fatwas of Kufr against Quaid.
Then another fatwa of Kufr against Allama Iqbal.
Then a fatwa of Kufr against me. Constantly they call me a Qadiani, a shia… shamelessly..
And when I say that Deobandis must condemn the Khawarij, I am being accused of spreading sectarianism !!!!!!! ufff
When I say that Darul Uloom Deoband India is best friend of Hindu Mushriks, they accuse me of being a Shia..
Now you be the judge? who has given fatwas of Kufr on Muslims ?? who has started sectarian wars ?? who has Khawarij within their ranks ?? who refuses to call TTP as Khawarij ??
still, it is Zaid Hamid who is spreading sectarianism… :))
Deobandis should realize that criticizing the political and military policies of Darul Uloom is NOT against Quran and Sunnah nor it is a sin nor against Islam. When we can criticize PPP, PML(N) and PTI, we can also be critical about Deoband policies. There is nothing sectarian about it. Best way to respond is to separate yourself from Mushriks and call TTP a Khawarij gangs. what is so difficult about it ??