The only way forward- by Imran Qadir Butt

Being an individual, who has modest experience in management, I can say without an iota of doubt that the survival of Pakistan relies on unbiased assessment of current state of affairs and subsequently taking a rational course of action. In management, whenever we come across any challenge, we confront it by taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of our organization. Our efforts entirely depend upon understanding the immediate and remote
environments in which we operate. If we have strengths then we take all important measures to turn this new situation into an opportunity and maximize profits. If we do not have necessary attributes to confront new situation, then we try to neutralize threat or to make necessary changes to minimize its negative impacts on business. But an important thing, which I would like to mention is that as managers we use to evaluate our environment without any bias or prejudice. As we know it very well that tempering with evaluation by replacing facts with fictions and personal whims would ultimately transform it into an inaccurate and biased assessment. If implemented it would be disaster for a business.

Pakistan as a society has been failed to assess its environment realistically and it results in repeating same mistakes over and over again. I.e. they are bent on making same mistake on the issue of Wikileaks revelations. Irrespective of its contents, majority of Pakistanis think that it is west’s conspiracy against Pakistan in particular and Muslim world in general. Because their assessment is biased therefore either they dismiss it altogether or make a wrong
decision to tackle it. Decision would be wrong because:

A-    It is based upon personal biases and prejudice.

B-       It has failed to incorporate operational or inherent strengths and weaknesses.

This, unfortunately is not limited to Wikileaks only, on the other hand this unrealistic approach can be observed in every other situation such as terrorism, blasphemy, sectarianism, violence, women rights issues, natural disasters so far and so forth.

The best way forward is to take a break from old ways of assessing situation and make a fresh start. Some basic rethinking is involved in making fresh start. These include:

1-      Pakistan is not center of this world.

2-      World is not against us.

3-      We are part of this world and do not/cannot live in isolation.

4-      Every Pakistani is equal, irrespective of class, creed, sex or religion.

5-      We have to work along other countries to achieve our national goals.

6-      We should recognize our geographical limitations before making any decision.

7-      Fully aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

8-      Anyone having different point of view cannot necessarily be an
Israeli, Indian, American or foreign agent. He/she could be as patriotic as
anyone else.

9-      Do away with anything that stops or hinders progress either by
making it private or reject it altogether.

10-   Sanctity of human life should be given prime importance.

I certainly believe that if Pakistanis start taking unbiased and realistic approach towards any political or social issue they will start making good decisions which in turns leads to the road of bright and successful future.