Does Bahrain exist? – by Dr. Abbas Zaidi

Demonstrations in Bahrain Continues

When was the last time you read about Bahrain? There might be a few voices in the affirmative. If yes, it can be safely said that the news about Bahrain was related to some sporting event. If would appear that in Bahrain, there is all silence. There are no human rights abuses. No one is being killed by the Takfiri Khalifa family. One might even say that in Bahrain, no human activity takes place.

Bahrain is a graveyard of the majority of the people. Over 80 percent of the Bahrainis are Shia who have no political freedom. They cannot even pray in the mosques unless they promise the minions of the Khalifa family that they will not speak about politics before and after prayers. There is no channel in the world which has told its audience about the fascist system of human rights abuses in Bahrain. Why?

Bahrain is a success story, a perfect success story about how greed leads to moral bankruptcy. The Western world led by the United States is greedy for oil. So they will keep mum about the destruction of the Shia life in Bahrain. The Salafist ruling elites of the Middle East are greedy for money and want to continue their lavish lifestyle without being held accountable by the people. As a result, they have made a pact with the West: The oil will continue to be supplied as long as these ruling elites are supported by the Western elites. The interests of two sets of ruling elites have converged, and it is not just the Shias of Bahrain who have been suffering; the people who are comprised of Sunni, Christians, and of various denominations continue to live a life of misery. It looks like that there is no hope for the millions of Arabs who are under the rule of Salafist and quasi-Salafist ruling elites. The Americans will not let a revolution take place. Add to it the fact that no viable leadership exists in these countries. If it did, one can be sure it would have been destroyed by the ruling elites of the West and the Middles East. The people of the Middle East will continue to suffer in the foreseeable future.




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