Shi’a Muslims and “The Final Solution” – by Agha Jafri

syrian terror groupsIn a heavily guarded Palace conference room in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that is just a few hundred miles away from the vicinities of non-stop bloodshed and destruction, sitting were a few agents of a Gestapo styled apparatus, plotting their next lethal move of genocide. The focus of their discussion is to determine the ways and means of executing a bloody blueprint that calls for the extermination of the “filthy” Shia communities of Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other places. Their sole mission, which is alarmingly similar to that of the Nazis for the European Jews, is to find a final solution for wiping out the Rafidoon (A disparaging term, they use for the Shia), who constitute almost 10% of a total of 1.4 billion Muslim Ummah, from the face of this planet. The Wahhabi/Salafi establishment considers Shia nothing more than Kafir (Infidel) and Najis (Unclean), far worse than Jews and Christians. The head of the table in this gruesome get together, is occupied by none other than Bandar bin Sultan, a powerful Saudi Prince, once an ambassador assigned to Washington, D.C, now the chief ofIntelligence and Security for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is flanked by Tariq al Hashemi, the fugitive former vice president of Iraq, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, Saddam’s henchman and former vice president, Emissaries belonging to the Emirates of Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar, Generals from the Saddam era, Salafi Warlords hailing from Al-Qaida of Levant, Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar ul Sham, and the Leadership of the Islamic state of Iraq & Sham (ISIS). This criminal syndicate of Salafis lacks any scruples about killing anyone who dares to get in their way. Sunni, Turkmen, and Kurd Muslims, as well as Christians and Yazidis, who are neither Christians nor Muslims, have been their frequent victims. Nevertheless, they view Shia as their single most dangerous and formidable enemies, bent upon dislodging the global Wahhabi/Salafi Empire.

A trove of data and voluminous information exist within the confines of the Western intelligence apparatus pinpointing in painful detail the founding, funding, and facilitating of bloodshed by the brutal hands of ISIS, a cruel enemy that has surfaced during contemporary times as an existentialist threat to all of human kind. Even though the Western policy makers are a bit naïve and gullible with respect to the criminal elements who happen to run this rouge entity, they are well aware of the fact that the religious foundations located in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as certain members of the Monarchies that are affiliated with the aforementioned Arab Muslim states, are the real sponsors of this blood thirsty gang. Despite this information, the think tank pundits, print and broadcast media, as well as the policy makers in the West, are in a state of denial with respect to the real source of this menace. Chuck Hagel, U.S secretary of Defense wondered aloud, “ISIS seems to be so well funded and armed with such sophisticated ammunition….”  Thismalicious movement started in Iraq under the tutelage of Al-Qaida right after the ouster of Saddam and his repressive Ba’ath regime simply because the global Salafi Deobandi Mafia could not stomach the sight of Shia domination in Iraq. Nevertheless, the U.S and its allies stood their ground and annihilated the Saudi funded elements of Al-Qaida in Iraq. This debauchery of Wahhabi/Salfi establishment  provided enough of an impetus for these evil mongers to lay the foundations for another vicious venture called ISIS.

During the Spring of 2011, Syria appeared on the scene that had already engulfed Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, as all four respective regimes of those states were ousted. However, the so-called Arab spring could not find any footing in this ancient land,
which was predominantly secular and its populace that included Christians, Druz & Muslims (Sunni, Kurd & Shia) wished it to remain that way. A few attempts of soft protests were organized  by certain segments of the Syrian population that were not happy with Bashar al-Assad. Rather than communicating with al-Assad and urging him to bring appropriate and necessary reform, Qatar and Turkey instigated an all-out campaign of criminality to topple al-Assad’s government. This game plan did not work as al-Assad, an extremely cunning politician, retaliated with full force. Saudi Arabia and its underlings in the Gulf states could simply not stand by as spectators. The global Wahhabi & Salafi cabal immediately got into the act and unleashed its gang of genocidal jihadis belonging to Al-Qaida, Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al Sham, and ISIS, on to the killing fields of Syria. The so-called Syrian rebels, who were nothing more than a rag-tag bunch of former doctors, lawyers, engineers, and farmers, were quickly relieved of their duties, and Bandar Bin Sultan was appointed as the point man for the Syrian project.

Iraq, in the meantime, under the leadership of Nouri al-Maliki, continued to be a hard nut to crack for the Wahhabi/Salafi Mafia, and sensing a stalemate on the Syrian front, launched a two pronged plan to topple al-Maliki’s government in Baghdad. Their first strategy was to create bloodshed and destruction by collaborating with ex-Ba’athist warlords, as well as with the members of Sufi order of Nakshbandis. They recruited Tariq al- Hashemi, the then vice president of Iraq, and Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, Saddam’s henchman and vice president during the Ba’athist rule, to carry out that mission. The Wahhabi/Salafi/Deobandi Lobby then applied a second strategy by creating political upheaval in Iraq, and then persuading the powerful players around the corridors of Washington political circles to frame al-Maliki as a sectarian Prime Minister who was bent upon excluding and disenfranchising Sunni and Kurds from his government, forcing his ouster. Sadly, the global Wahhabi/Salafi/Deobandi Mafia was successful in conspiring with Iraq’s Sunni population, dislodging the Iraqi Army from its territory by facilitating the infiltration of ISIS thugs and engineering the ouster of Nouri al-Maliki as the Prime Minister of Iraq. Now the U.S administration is left with no choice except to cater to numerous Wahhabi/Salafi Arab states, whose populace, as well as their respective regimes, are not only die hard supporters of an outfit such as ISIS, but also are heavily infested with the venom of extremism, bigotry, and hatred against  Sunni & Shia Muslims, as well as the people of other faiths.

The Global Muslim Ummah, both Shia & Sunni, must, nevertheless, rise to the occasion and show its moxie, as well as its mettle, in battling with the most blasphemous, evil, and cannibalistic enemy, that is determined to masquerade around fomenting one mayhem after another. These cannibals of the time control not only the treasures of the Gulf Monarchs, but also command the respect of western policy makers, again through the billions spent for the purpose of lobbying on their behest; the same treasure that finances their war machine. James Foley and Steven Sotoloff were two  journalists and innocent human beings, and prior to them, on 9/11, in London, Bali, Nairobi, Dares Salam, Casablanca and numerous other places, thousands of American and European citizens were massacred in the most violent manner. Almost 500,000 lives of innocent Muslims were lost in various Muslim lands just during the past 35 years. In every single tragedy, the culprit was found to be the goons unleashed by the Wahhabi/salafi brand of exclusive Islam that is so deeply rooted in the political as well as the religious fiber of those grotesque and gutless Muslim states of the Gulf. The moment has arrived for Muslim Ummah to set aside their sectarian differences and unite under the banner of Islam with total sincerity and commitment. Anything short of this measure will not only make Muslims the laughing stock of others, but also destabilize, destruct, and devastate the sanctity of  our exalted faith, as well as of our Ummah, for years to come.

Shi’a Muslims and “The Final Solution”