Show us some utility, Mr Shah Mahmood Qureshi

We appeal to the governments of the USA and Pakistan to use all possible means to find the missing son of legendary Pakistan TV actor Jamil Fakhri (”Jafar Hussain” of PTV Super Hit TV Drama “Andera Ujala”).

Ali Ayaz Fakhri was reported missing in New York in February 2009. The most tragic aspect of this story is that it still remains a secret as to what happened to him. No official word by any USA agency so far which offers little solace to his parents and family members.

Hats off to Dunya TV’s Hasb-e-Hal team for highlighting this issue.

Jameel Fakhri complained in the interview about the careless attitude of Pakistani foreign office; this should indeed include the name of our able diplomat in Washington D.C., Mr Hussain Haqqni.

It is high time that Mr Shah Mehmood Qureshi (who has little authority to shape the country’s foreign policy independent of the GHQ’s dictates) should take special interest in this case to provide us with at least some utility of his role as Pakistan’s Foreign Minister.



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