Need for a concerted, robust strategy on the war on terrorism

Amir Ahmed Khan notes that Pakistani politicians, army and intelligence agencies need to adopt a concerted, robust strategy on the war on terrorism. Also, they need to develop confidence building measures with the regional and international players namely USA, China and NATO.

Read the three reasons because of which the USA officials are currently upset with the Pakistan Government, particularly its intelligence agencies.

For example: “American Officials told AZ that whenever they informed Pakistan army about the high level target , the target would escape”.

Amir Ahmed Khan reports that the American officials have warned Pakistan that if it did not address the three major concerns, then the day may not be too far, when Pakistan (its Government, people, media, and politicians) might say that:

Once upon a time, there was a benevolent American leader namely George W. Bush who was very lenient on ISI’s role in sponsoring terrorism…