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Peoples under Threat is Minority Rights Group’s annual authoritative rankings table which highlights those countries around the world where the risk of mass killing is greatest.

Peoples under Threat is created by compiling data on the known antecedents to genocide or mass political killing. While the individual indicators describe the current situation – what is happening – the index as a whole seeks to predict what may happen.

As an early warning tool, Peoples under Threat has been widely used by UN officials and other human rights and conflict prevention practitioners. Almost all the significant episodes of civilian killing that occurred over the last year took place in countries which were near the top of, or major risers in, 2013’s Peoples under Threat table.

New online map shows Middle East, Africa states dominate Peoples under Threat 2014 survey on risk of mass killing

Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Egypt are among the most significant risers in this year’s Peoples under Threat index.

‘A number of states which rose prominently in the index over the last two years – including South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Syria – have subsequently faced episodes of extreme ethnic or sectarian violence,’ says Mark Lattimer, MRG’s Executive Director. ‘The 2014 release of Peoples under Threat analysis shows that the risk in those states remains critical – but also that threat levels have risen in other states.’

The Peoples under Threat survey seeks to identify those peoples or groups that are most under threat of genocide, mass killing or other systematic violent repression in 2014, and for the first time is being launched today by MRG as an online map.

Major risers since 2013

Rank Rise in rank since 2013 Country Group Total
3 3 Syria Political targets, Shi’a/Alawites, Assyrians, Kurds, Palestinians 21.61
4 4 Dem. Rep. of the Congo Hema and Lendu, Hutu, Luba, Lunda, Tutsi/Banyamulenge, Batwa/Bambuti, other groups 20.98
10 1 Yemen Zaydi Shi’a, ‘Akhdam’, Southerners 18.58
12 2 South Sudan Murle, Nuer, Dinka, Anuak, Jie, Kachipo 17.71
14 3 Central African Republic Muslims, Christians, Kaba (Sara), Mboum, Mbororo, Gula, Aka 15.88
17 8 Mali Tuaregs, Arabs, Maure, and others in the north 15.47
23 33 Egypt Copts, Shi’a, Bahá’ís, Nubians, Bedouin 14.12
30 6 Turkey Kurds, Alevis, Roma, Armenians and other Christians 12.86
40 18 Guinea Bissau Balanta, Fula (Fulani), Manjaco, Mandinga, Papel, Ejamat (Felupe), Jola (Diola), Susu, Cape Verdeans 12.10
60 New entry Ukraine Tatars, Krymchak and Karaites in Crimea; Russians, Hungarians, Moldovans and other national minorities 10.91

Download the full Peoples under Threat table as a PDF file

Peoples most under threat – highest rated countries 2014

Rank Country Group Total
1 Somalia Minorities incl. Bantu, Benadiri and ‘caste’ groups (Gabooye etc.); clan members at risk in fighting incl. Hawiye, Darod, etc. 23.34
2 Sudan Fur, Zaghawa, Massalit and others in Darfur; Ngok Dinka, Nuba, Beja 21.63
3 Syria Political targets, Shi’a/Alawites, Christians, Kurds, Palestinians 21.61
4 Dem. Rep of the Congo Hema and Lendu, Hutu, Luba, Lunda, Tutsi/Banyamulenge, Batwa/Bambuti, other groups 20.98
5 Afghanistan Hazara, Pashtun, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Baluchis 20.96
6 Iraq Shi’a, Sunnis, Kurds, Turkmen, Christians, Mandaeans, Yezidis, Shabak, Faili Kurds, Bahá’ís, Palestinians 20.67
7 Pakistan Shi’a (incl. Hazara), Ahmadiyya, Hindus and other religious minorities; Baluchis, Mohhajirs, Pashtun, Sindhis 20.49
8 Burma/Myanmar Kachin, Karenni, Karen, Mons, Rakhine, Rohingyas, Shan, Chin (Zomis), Wa 19.69
9 Ethiopia Anuak, Afars, Oromo, Somalis, smaller minorities 19.18
10 Yemen Zaydi Shi’a, ‘Akhdam’, Southerners 18.58

Download the full Peoples under Threat table as a PDF file

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