Happy Birthday Pakistan Peoples Party – by Amjad Rashid

Once there was a time in Pakistan when a prime minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan used to visit the streets of general Pakistani public. One day when he was visiting a poor town of southern Punjab and watching the miserable conditions of the poor, at once he emerged in an vast land full of sand every where, which was the starting land of Cholistan desert. He saw an old aged woman there who was cooking something on the body of tin that was put on the fire (no stove and no “Tawa”).

He went rapidly towards that woman who was busy in cooking something. When he reached on the head of the woman, he greeted the woman. Old woman didn’t know about him and she was totally unaware of the fact that she was facing the acting prime minister of country at that time. She also greeted that man and said him to sit. Prime Minister sat on the hot sand near her like the woman was sitting on the sand, then other ministers and secretaries reached there also and one of them introduced prime minister with the old woman by saying: “O lady! The person sitting with you is the prime minster of Pakistan”. Then the lady was astonished to know the fact but prime minister at once said: “Mother! Would you give me one of the bread (Rotti) you are cooking as I am very hungry”?

The woman was so much pleased and she at once said: “Why not! My son! Why not!” Then she presented him 2 breads with a little amount of soup (shorba in Urdu) and added a little amount of butter on the breads. Prime minister ate that food and he noticed that there was grains of sand in the soup but he started eating like his favourite food. While eating, the tears fell out from his eyes to see the extent of poverty in Pakistan and he said to his ministers: “My dear ministers! Please come and join me in the food. See! This is the food which my public is compelled to eat. Now come here and do eat this. Unless you eat this, you can’t feel the pains and feelings of the public. Please all ministers come out from your facilitated in public places and see the miserable conditions of our people so you can solve their real problems”.

This is not a 6th class story which carries 10 marks in annual exams. This is not just a tale which people can state and enjoy in their gatherings for some moments. This is a real incident of our history and a lesson for all of us. The prime minister was non other than Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Bhutto was Quaid-e-Awam and this incident proves that he was the real leader of the public. He was man who ever lives in the hearts of poor public of Pakistan. He was the head of not only a political party but a theory also, Pakistan People’s Party.

Pakistan People Party was founded today that’s why Yom-e-Tasees of PPP is celebrated all over Pakistan today. Its foundations are based on the welfare of public, on equality of all humans in Pakistan, on brotherhood between common people of Pakistan, on tolerance, on equal distribution of wealth between public, on Jinnah’s wishes and on all disputes ranging Kashmir to 22 strong financial families in Pakistan which were controlling the whole state at that time.

The founding members of Pakistan People’s Party are progressive, liberal, educated, belong to middle class of Pakistan and are high intellectuals. They are followers of 2 nation’s theory of Jinnah and they want to see democratic system in Pakistan. They want to see justice and equality in Pakistan. They are in try to defeat the dictatorship. That’s why they choose 3 colours in PPP’s flag. Green for our beloved doctrine Islam. Red for social equality and “Inqalab”. Black for the sorrows and grieves of our public which start from the day of 10th Moharram, the martyrdom of Imam Hussain in Karbala and continue still in the different forms like depression, poverty, class systems and disappointment.

The poor public of Pakistan lower middle class and lower class of Pakistan said “Labbaik” on the voice of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and PPP. They made him an immortal hero of not only Pakistan but the immortal hero of the world. The feudal, industrialists, investors, upper middle class and upper class of Pakistan denied the message of Bhutto and started enmity with PPP. They hanged Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, they martyred Shahnawaz Bhutto, they martyred Murtaza Bhutto and they also martyred Benazir Bhutto, the daughter of the East, but they could not finish PPP.

PPP is successfully heading towards its goals but still enemies of PPP are not forgiving PPP. They are putting hurdles in the way of public according to their old custom. But it is the duty of PPP and public of Pakistan to fight, fight and fight these obstacles as the blood of thousands of martyrs should not go in vain. Happy Birthday PPP.
Long Live Bhuttoism.



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