Marvi Memon is hungry for Islamabad flats – by Amjad Rashid

As I have previously written about the internet cheating of Marvi Memon in politics, I thank thousands of people who appreciated that article which was based on true facts and proofs. The web addresses are:

Now I shall try to write something about the flat Saga which is captured by Marvi since Musharraf time.

The flat which is occupied by Marvi Memon is actually Senate quota flat. These are the limited flats which are allotted to senate members for a specified time. That special flat was given to Marvi Memon when she was in Senate during Musharraf time. Now in present government, Marvi is although member of national assembly but she is not a senator now, so she has no right to stay in that flat. That flat is now allotted to Senator Humayun Mandokhail by the speaker of Senate and it was the moral duty of Marvi to leave flat for new senator. But instead of leaving the flat, Marvi has occupied the flat and clearly she is refusing to make it empty. With the help of crocodile tears, Marvi is pretending in front of the public that she is the owner of the flat and she is using her negative & bogus internet politics in blogs like Express Tribune and specially her Twitter account which has thousands of fake profile followers which I have mentioned in my previous article.

I shall not write much about it with my own keyboard. I shall just keep some news materials from some authentic news websites of Pakistan in front of the public and now they have to decide the cheating level of Marvi.

First of all Marvi’s own article on this situation that was published in Express Tribune.

“My official residence at Parliament Lodges in Islamabad has been sealed off for the past three days. I have no access to my personal belongings or official papers and am unable to serve my people effectively as an MNA.

Who is behind this? Two senators from Baluchistan who have no respect for rule of law or for women — the deputy chairman of the Senate, Jan Jamali, and Senator Humayun Khan. Despite the legal allotment of the lodge to me by the National Assembly on January 15, 2009 and my occupancy since, they have tried trespassing once in August 2009 and now in November 2010.

When Senator Humayun (who has a parallel claim to the lodge because the Senate has allocated him the same one) tried entering my flat, I was not in Islamabad. My staff had to face 30 armed men. I complained and a meeting was held between Jan Jamali and the deputy speaker of the National Assembly. They resolved the matter and I was to continue living in my lodge. A year passed and on November 6, at a notice of three hours, I was served an eviction notice by the Senate.

My lodge was trespassed while I was in Nawabshah. Armed men entered my bedroom and study, threatened two staff members with arrests, took away their mobiles and kicked them out. Mr. Jamali handed over possession of the lodge to Senator Humayun. It is not a Baloch custom, nor a Pakistani one, to walk into a woman’s living quarters forcibly. Senator Humayun sat on my sofa till my father arrived and left after agreeing to resolve the matter with me on November 9. On November 8, a meeting was held and it was decided that I would continue staying in my lodge and that Senator Humayun would get another lodge from an MNA who had two lodges in his possession.

In this entire drama, the most hilarious accusation made against me was that I am never present in my lodge and run an office from there. How many days I spend in Islamabad and how many in the rest of the country, serving my people, is my business. Secondly, I do parliamentary work in my official residence and don’t run yoga classes! It is now the morning of November 9 (as I write this). I still don’t have my lodge back. I have a Supreme Court flood petition tomorrow, papers and evidence of which are in the lodge. Pending parliamentary work from all provinces is on hold.

They have succeeded in cutting my wings in terms of serving my people by taking away my official residence. Let’s see how long this political victimization continues. Clearly, after this incident we have lost the sanctity and security of the parliamentarians’ residences. The prime minister has assured me of his support — I await justice.”

Published in The Express Tribune, November 10th, 2010.

Now read the Daily Times news about this:

“Marvi Memon’s official flat sealed

LAHORE: After differences between MNA Marvi Memon and Senator Humayun Mandokhel over the allotment of a room in the Parliament Lodges, Senate Deputy Chairman Jan Muhammad Jamali decided to seal the room, a private TV channel reported on Saturday. Earlier, Mandokhel, along with Jan Jamali, Capital Development Authority officials and police reached Marvi’s flat to get it vacated. However, after a verbal clash with her servants, Jamali ordered police to seal the room until Tuesday. Mandokhel claimed that he possessed the allotment papers and Marvi was living in the flat illegally, which had been allotted to her father, who was retired at that time. Marvi on the other hand said the National Assembly allotted her the flat two years ago. However, it was double allotted to the senator as well, who had even tried to forcibly break down the door in the past, the channel said. Marvi said that the matter had been taken up at the Senate and National Assembly levels and it was decided that the apartment would remain in her possession, of which she had proof. The room’s keys have been handed to Marvi’s father, Nisar Memon, with the room sealed until Tuesday, the channel reported. Daily times monitor\117\story_7-11-2010_pg7_22

Now read the Express tribune’s news about this matter with the proofs of Marvi’s tweets on twitter and special humorous and very funny answer of Salman Taseer on same Twitter.

“ISLAMABAD: After differences between Member of National Assembly (MNA) Marvi Memon and Senator Hummayun Mandokhel on a room allotment in the Parliament Lodges, Deputy Chairman Senate Jan Muhammad Jamali decided to seal the room on Saturday.

Mandokhel along with the Jamali, CDA officials and the police reached Memon’s flat to vacate it.

However, after a verbal clash with her servants, Jamali ordered the police to seal the room till Tuesday.

Senator Mandokhel claimed he has the papers of allotment and Memon is illegally living in the flat, which was allotted to her father, and who is retired now.

Memon on the other hand said she was allotted the flat two years ago by the National Assembly. However, the flat was double allotted to the senator who has tried to forcibly break down the door in the past as well.

She informed that the matter was taken to the level of the Senate and the National Assembly and it was decided that the flat will remain in her possession and she has proof of that.

Memon said that her servants were also harassed and she will take legal action in this issue.

The keys to the room have been handed to Marvi Memon’s father, Nisar Memon with the room sealed till Tuesday.

The parliamentarian who is currently not in Islamabad tweeted on the issue:

marvi_memon whilst I am at nawabshah hospital to c naveeda gang rape victim i am being politically victimized thru my islamabad premises

Punjab Governor Salman Taseer also tweeted on the subject:

SalmaanTaseer @marvi_memon saddened 2 hear u were forcibly evicted from ur Parlaimentry residence. Plz accept my humble offer of Governor annexe Islmbd”

Now also read some comments of general public on Express tribune about whole matter.

1) God help us. If a MNA and a Senator can’t peacefully talk things out, what can one expect from the man in the street.

Syed Hussein El-Edroos3 weeks ago

2) Does she have a home in Islamabad? If the answer is yes, she canot have a lodge in the Parliament Lodges. Period.

mouth3 weeks ago

3) Solve your matters yourself. You people cry only when anything bad happens to you people personally.

Ahmad Nawaz Badar3 weeks ago

4) How about going on a hunger strike Ms Marvi. You are pretty good at it.

misk3 weeks ago

5) Marvi please answer following-:

1.Was this lodge allotted to your father?

2.Is it from Senate Quota?

3.Are you an MNA?

4.Do you have a house in Islamabad?

5Are you entitled for this accommodation?

6.Was it allotted to Senator Himayun,cos you had occupied it illegally?

7.Do you really think it is political victimization?

7.Did you raise your voice when Javed Hashmi was jailed by your government for 23 years for just reading a letter,written by a Major?

Ch.Yousaf2 weeks ago

O my God ! Poor Marvi but frankly speaking we don’t care what you people do to each other. People of Pakistan have many other things to worry thanks to your illustrious government.

Hamza2 weeks ago

You are MNA and cant get lodge back then how you can serve the people of PK. You people satisfy the nation with talks and promises and nothing practical and now face this practical situation.

Khalid2 weeks ago


just imagine you are crying when you are deprived of ”FREE STUFF” – what happens when poor voter and Awam is deprived of their legitimate right.

I hope you read the feedback on your articles 🙂

This is Pakistan and nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, so enjoy this as well.

Tax Payer2 weeks ago

Well tit for tat!!
You were Asleep when you beloved President Selling your Fellow Pakistani to US!!
When fire burns your own home you started Crying.
You await Justice, while you were party is throwing Mr Cheif Justice from his office.
You Await Justice Ms Marvi, so do we all Pakistani.

GH2 weeks ago
are crying for that free lodge…
imagine what ppl go through when they are deprived of their rights
and one more thing you are MNA and cant get your lodge back…how are you going to provide justice and relief to food affecties…….

Maryam2 weeks ago

Flat was allocated to his father and is meant for senators. Being MNA she continued living in that illegally. So, rule of law must prevail, she must leave that flat for that senator who has right to occupy that and is needy…She must not cry to get feminine sympathy and must move his “important documents” to his house in islamabad where he actually lives..

Babar Nazir2 weeks ago

And the most special comment is:

I believe that Marvi is using the media as a tool to gain sympathy. She is wrong on all counts and using her position as a woman to gain sympathy. For starters the place she is talking about does not come into the MNA pool. This is only for senate members. She is illegally occupying this as her father used to have this flat. Flats occupied by these people are not permanent and it’s not even as if she uses this place for her own residence. She merely uses this as her own office. The senator on the other hand does not have a residence in Islamabad and has to resort to paying money out of his own pocket for his accommodation.

The other bit is that the Senator did not bring any armed guards nor did he harass anyone. The people who came along for the eviction were all authorized and part of the CDA who maintains those lodges for the government. Marvi should not use this column as a piece to garner sympathy for herself when she is in the wrong here. I am appalled that ET allowed her to use this column as a way of getting back at someone.

hasan2 weeks ago

There are also comments in the support of Marvi Memon but just in support not on solid bases. No one has declared it a wrong act except the comments which are given by different names by same I.P addresses which I mentioned in my previous column. For new readers the I.P addresses are given again.

Now Public has to decide specially our internet viewers about the internet cheating and fake show of Marvi Memon. I shall not write more but only I will say that Marvi is hungry of free stuff especially Islamabad flats.



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