What do you think about this picture?

A friend sent me an email pointing towards the following picture which was recently published in daily Express.

I am speechless. What thoughts come to your mind?

A woman and her child sleep on the footpath at Karachi’s MA Jinnah Road

7 responses to “What do you think about this picture?”

  1. Some random thoughts not in any particular order.

    Does the picture represent:

    The strange unfathomable relationship between a mother and her child?


    Socio-economic differences which are widening in the land of the pure?

    Indifference of the passers by?

    Innocent face of the child, poverty (and modesty) stricken posture of the mother?


  2. Aik Ajnabiat aur begangi hae insano ke derman, aur Riasat bhi kehein nazar nahin aa rehi….We have become the worst victim of alienation…..