If there were words to explain the meaning of Blood and Struggle?

By: Jarri Mirza

DEMOCRACY IN PAKISTAN _ Oh!! Stop day dreaming! Well, the obsession continues and the argument takes a new turn……Is it all a fairy tale??? But don’t bother about it. Democracy _ a simple utterance, but an enormous connotation, if nowhere else in the world, but is something of grave concern in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Today, our young generation solicits “Why are we amongst the so less developed inhabitants of the world?” “Was our country founded on Islamic ideology, where people have a voice in the affairs of the state, where there is equality & peace _ not bloodshed? Or was our country’s ideology “MIGHT IS MAIN”.O!!!! What is the counter or who is liable to account for the murder of our youth’s yearning to live as the owners of the state they belong to and get equal opportunities regardless of their caste, religion or political affiliations. Obviously, that’s no more behind the curtains……In a slip of tongue or in ink of pen; you can stumble on the retort to all your queries.

Rolling back the folios of our times gone by, you’d rather be traumatized to know that this democracy has been “THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT” for this nation. I wonder why??? What might be the reason for that? Further research on the topic opened up a list of factors too hard to ignore , that our extremism , inability to search for the facts , usability to family politics and leaders and the habit to live under suppression and the elite class….too selfish..O!! No….too coward to see someone in comparison to them and for them , their law states that poor are to be kept aside like a rubbish basket……..without any voice of their own and politics…..that resides in the furnished big drawing rooms , not in cottages. Whose fault is it???? No one is there to admit his own mistake.

Revolutions too are not a part of day after day existence, but once occur in centuries. Our nation, I’m too remorseful rather forlorn to say that we got the pearls of the world, but oblivious of their significance or worth, we mislaid them. The world might not have elapsed those sinister penitentiary cells and that 4th of April, when a revolutionary was hanged, just because of becoming the voice of democracy lovers, redundant, ravenous cloth less and shelter less people _ The gigantic remuneration to his starting the Nuclear Power Project to save this country was just prison _ a death statement and that also, without any attestation…..the greatest conspiracy of the era….The judges who were given price of their lie…their erroneous statements and their unfair verdict _ That was not unfair , but truly free and fair in that dictionary and those big books of law……..That was a real blessing on me that I came to know the meaning of justice in this establishment supervised society.

‘To live one day like a lion is better than to live hundred years like a jackal’ , but according to the grapevine , there’s no shortage of jackals and dogs in Pakistan….Once given a bone in mouth , they will prove to be a bone of contention in every matter concerned with their majesty’s order….OH !! HOW FAITHFUL?? MY GOD! TOO SINCERE! and further more , too devoted for their cause that they didn’t even spare the Daughter of Destiny _ The Daughter of that martyred revolutionary…..Who can interfere in God’s planning and strategy?? Added to their envy , their pig’s eye _ how could they see Pakistan , once again on the road to success and development…….for Benazir Bhutto _ the daughter of Quaid e Awaam , was the Prime Minister of a country called Pakistan _of a male dominated society. Every instance of suppressing her efforts,….. calling her an Indian or an Israeli bore no fruit…rather a greater disgrace to them…but again , the already sold courts of Pakistan , the judges who don’t know even a single word of English , but only ‘corruption’ used this valuable word to cease people’s power and rule. Asif Ali Zardari _ who had no other fault ,but joining ties with a blood filled legacy was continuously moved from one prison to another _ one court to the other and Benazir Bhutto alone had to struggle to prove them wrong. Years followed on , no case could be proved , neither Pakistani Government could do that or their mighty Swiss Government…….This time , they couldn’t use a court , thereby, used bullets to put an end to the voice of the students,poor,unemployed ,labors , poverty and hunger stricken people….The last words , the last moments were a memorable of a magnificent Pakistan , these powers snatched from us.

God is not that unfair , like people. Once again , democracy flourished under the leadership of President Asif Ali Zardari and attempts are being made to vanish it too, sometimes using the Sindhi Cap as a matter of concern or looking into years back files of unproved cases……or adding the names of PPP leaders in the list of NRO beneficiaries to harm the federation & democracy. But let these people be known _ these efforts are not going to play that vital part in achieving their ends..They should better remove the wool from their eyes before any surgery or rather consult any optician , if they are really facing any other problem accept PPP’s Government _ an emblem of people’s power.PPP is the symbol of federation.It has faced all courts in the past too & is ready to give any sacrifice for the sake of a democratic Pakistan.Let the world come out of their dreams to finish PPP because it has come to exist forever.

Yai baazi khoon ki baazi hay,
Yai baazi tum hi haro gay,
Har gar say Bhutto niklay gaa,
Tum kitnay Bhutto maro gay.

In the end , I’d just like to pray God to help PPP:-
O God ! I raise my hands ,
In reverence , in prayers ,
I beg you my Lord,
To save my Pakistan,
I bow before you,
My Lord!! You well know,
Of my peoples’ sacrifices,
Of my leaders’ blood,
For the sake of putting an end,
To all the castes,
To the poverty and unemployment,
The greatest of all,
To put an end to injustice…..

God…..you know……!!
The dark night of April 4,
The sky covered with blood,
At the sunset of December 27,
The hopes of my people cut apart,
The cries of a mother’s children,
Touching the sky,
The pain of a sister,
Who lost all her kith and kin….
And after that,
The fire spreading to my country,
Snatching from it Sindh,
Its heart…..from a desert,
My people heard a group of people,
That saved the country from a great storm,
Taking with it, everything in it…..

This day,I beg you my Lord,
We brought in our land,
Democracy after lots of sacrifices,
After a number of bloodsheds,
After facing a number of courts,
After spending hot summer months in prison….
Once again, an attempt is being made,
To fail the system,
To harm the federation,
My Lord , please save it,
Please!!!!!! I bow before you….
My Lord., be with Pakistan,
Give us courage,
Give us strength,
Which our opponents don’t have,
Give us belief in success,
Give us those moral strengths,
Which our foes lack,
Help my beloved President,
Don’t let his struggle,
His long decades of sacrifices go waste,,…
My Lord !!! I beg before you…
This is the voice of your people,
Please listen it,



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