Ten Commandments of Western Democracy – by Naseer Ahmed

Democracy is the new religion. Its commandments are mentioned below.

1. Thou shall not criticise the neo-conservative version of democracy as embodied in the personages of Tony Blair, George Bush and many others who support them.

2. Thou shall use money, grave and electronic images, companies and firms to wage a crusade on non-democratic regimes. Neo-conservative think tanks are the sole authority to define the democracy and other forms of government.

3. Thou shall not uphold the cause of damned who got what they deserved. Enemies of democracy do not deserve the treatment our covenant offers to other members of our tribe.

4. Thou shall work as much as you intend to but thou shalt not question the laws imposed by the people who give you bread out of Christian charity inspired by love and fear of our god.

5. Honour your mother and father while showing great respect to our leaders Bush, Blair and many other exalted ones.

6. Thou shalt not kill local people but thou shalt kill foreigners who killed us, tried to kill us and many others who have nothing to do with us.

7. Adultery is your personal problem but thou shall not abort.

8. Thou shall not steal being a non-skilled, semi skilled worker but as business executives, IT wizards, movie giants and celebrity politicians you can steal as much as you want.

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbour but thou shalt finance and support wars against people in distant lands without asking for legal requirements. Thou could covet thy neighbour’s wife but not his property.

10. Thou are free to torture, rob, loot, plunder the foreigners as long as it does not become news. We will ensure it does not become news but sometimes we cannot help it.



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