Transcripts of Shahbaz Sharif’s and Saifur-Rehman’s conversations with a Lahore High Court judge

Audiotape reveals Sharifs manipulated verdict in Asif Zardari’s case

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LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was annoyed over delay in the Lahore High Court’s decision in President Asif Ali Zardari’s case during his tenure, according to a transcript of conversation between Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum and National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) former chairman Saifur Rehman, aired on a private news channel. The audiotape was provided by Senator Faisal Raza Abdi. The channel also aired a conversation between Pervez Elahi, Shahbaz and Justice Qayyum.

Following is the transcript of the conversation.

Saifur Rehman and Justice Abdul Qayyum

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: Your task will be done in a day or two. I had to request an adviser (Peerzada) for you. I told him that I am very ill and I have to leave abroad and I have asked him to end up the matter for my sake. Peerzada has told me that he will do it and it will be done. He told me that he would compensate for all the mistakes I have, adding that Mian Sahib (Nawaz Sharif) would be happy as well.

Saifur Rehman: You better do it today.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: The work (verdict regarding the Swiss cases) will be reached in a day or two. It doesn’t matter if it would take a day. Its better if it would end up in a good way. Its been said from the Supreme Court and all.

Saifur Rehman: They would merely make noise or they would boycott.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: We will never let them boycott the Supreme Court. It will bring international advantage for you. You got it?

Saifur Rehman: Please do it soon, as it has already created problems.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: It will take a day or two. You are our lawyer!

Saifur Rehman: By God! You don’t know. God knows how much I fight for you!

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: The work will be done, by the grace of God! You and I will apologise to them together!

Saifur Rehman: We will go there together; but it has to be done 100 percent by tomorrow.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: Ok! We will go together. I am 99 percent hopeful that he would end it up tomorrow.

Saifur Rehman: You better wind it up.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: No sir, not to wind it. That person faces the fight. Ok, you tell me how much punishment should be given to him?

Saifur Rehman: What they have said is that not less than seven years.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: No, not seven years. Let it be five years. You better ask them, seven years is maximum punishment.

Saifur Rehman: I will inform you after consulting them.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: I have added fine, confiscation of property and declared him disqualified as well.

Saifur Rehman: Not only property; but entire property, moreover his two years imprisonment should not be deducted from the verdict.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: It can’t be five years, as he is on bail and it would never count the two years. He would remain behind the bars.

Saifur Rehman: You have to decide it by tomorrow!

The transcript of Justice Qayyum’s call to Ch Pervez Elahi:

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: Yaar! He (Saifur Rehman) telephoned me and he told me that Nawaz Sharif is very angry for why I didn’t announce the verdict. I thought I better inform you as well.

Pervez Elahi: (hesitates to discuss the details) Ok, lets talk about something else.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: Yaar! Nawaz Sharif gets annoyed for nothing.

Pervez Elahi: (hesitates again) Leave it. You tell me, how are you?

Line disconnected

Transcript of Saifur Rehman’s second call to Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum:

Saifur Rehman: I have talked to him (Nawaz Sharif) again. He (Nawaz) complains that you don’t keep your words. And not 99 percent, you better confirm it 101 percent to me that you are going to announce the decision. Moreover, about punishment, he said that everything is in front of me that how much embezzlement he (Asif Ali Zardari) has committed.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: Ok! As he wishes.

Saifur Rehman: He also said that don’t you wish to give him ‘full dose’.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: No, usually maximum punishment is not given.

Saifur Rehman: How to recover the property and bank accounts in Switzerland and London. We have freeze (option)?

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: After the verdict, you can file an application for the property and that’s how orders will be given about it. Anyhow, the property and accounts will be mentioned in the decision, tomorrow. This is how it will cover everything.

Transcript of Saifur Rehman’s third call to Justice Qayyum after the decision:

Saifur Rehman: Your decision made me extremely happy. It has made the whole nation successful by the grace of God! I, along with Majeed Malik, Ishaq Dar attended a session with prime minister Nawaz Sharif in chair, in which it has been decided to implement the verdict without any delay and to confiscate all the property.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: Ok, all right.

Transcript of Shahbaz Sharif’s telephone call to Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum:

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: How are you Mian Sahib?

Shahbaz Sharif: Your prayers, I have requested you for something.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: I have disposed of that case.

Shahbaz Sharif: Oh! Thanks a lot! Big Brother (Nawaz Sharif) has asked to take care of Chaudhry Sarwar’s case.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: Chaudhry Sarwar?

Shahbaz Sharif: MNA Chaudhry Sarwar.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: What happened to him?

Shahbaz Sharif: You have a case (before you) regarding his disqualification.

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: So, I have to take his side?

Shahbaz Sharif: Yes!

Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum: It will be done as Mian Sahib has said.

Shahbaz Sharif: Thanks a lot!

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