Rants of a Pakistani elite – by Arif Ahmad

I live in the unequal, the cannot be equal, the will never be equal. I live as a superior in a sea of inferior, in a world of second-rates. Filthy rich, an autocrat, a sexist, a racist, I exist in dynasties, sects, ethnicities and clans. Women, tough luck, only half human, never my worthy, never my match.

You my people, modern day slaves, living, playing and dying by my rules. I will keep you uneducated, impoverished, dependent and guessing. I will keep survival your primary objective. I will keep you ever inflammable and sacrifice ready, on my behalf, for my name and for a cause of my calling.

I have zero tolerance. Fear is my method. Killing is my game. Criticize me at your own peril. I am the judge, the jury, the executioner. Your death, is only a statistic, an ever increasing number.

Anger is my right, hate is my forte, I do jealousy well. With all my being, I will badmouth you, back stab you, work against you, pull you down, and if it brings down the entire nation, then too bad, so be it.

By hook or crook I will fiercely compete for life’s luxuries, the costliest cars, the massive mansions and all. Come causes, charities, contributions, you are on your own, enjoy, you passionate social worker.

With a straight face, at times not even trying, I will lie, cheat, steal and defraud. It is something I cannot help. And I am very angry, for you are not doing enough for your country. Blame is for passing on and never to keep.

I pretend to be from among you. I pretend modesty. Look closely you idiot. Only one of us is burning in the sweltering heat. Only one of us is living poorly.

I am the blessed one, on the right path. My values are binding, my belief is the only truth. A dictator, disguising as a democrat, a one man show. You do as I do, you say as I say, you believe as I believe. Or damn you, and your darned, doomed life.

Pakistan, never in my heart, the last thing on my mind. Pakistani, I am everything else but. Ruling, Ruining, Ravaging, Reckless. My dominance is perfectly planned and permanent. You will never be unshackled, you shall never be free. Change is a fallacy, a fiction, a fantasy. I am a Pakistani elite. This is my underbelly.

Arif Ahmad www.arifahmadmd.blogspot.com

Arif Ahmad



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