Is corruption the real issue or a democractic government ? – by Saria Bhutto

Posted By: Jarri Mirza

To a number of eyes, awaiting the decision of the Chief Justice concerned with the NRO might have brought an image of an end to corruption or a step for its eradication but is that really factual….??? In essence, is that an attempt to overthrow corruption or a democratic government??? It is nothing to be surprised of that this is not something new in Pakistan….

The history has been rather miraculous too. In the past too, elected governments were overpowered by the so _ called “FAIR PLAYS” of the dictators and to further strengthen their cause and add more colors to it, the courts of Pakistan didn’t chose to stay behind , rather , they became the “HOUSE OF CONSPIRACY” and because of that injustice, we witnessed one of the darkest days of our history i.e. the 4th of April , 1979 , when Pakistan’s first elected Prime Minister & the founder of Pakistan Peoples Party Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged in Central Jail , Rawalpindi and the so- called justice gave statements of his death , without having adequate proof of his being guilty.

It’s well said that history repeats itself. The following generations of the same “Supreme Court” and the military dictator General Zia ul Haq carried out their mission and tried with their might and main, not to spare any moment to harm the federation of Pakistan. That was just not a mere attempt to harm democracy, but PPP was always targeted _ the reason, we also talk of democracy, our opponents too, but Pakistan Peoples Party has been talking of empowering the poor population of Pakistan, to provide ‘BREAD , CLOTHING and SHELTER’ to the people… protect the federation and give sovereignty to the provinces _ this makes the difference,. To pave the way for dictatorship, the judiciary of Pakistan always played an inevitable role. It was no less than Zia ul Haq, Ishaq Khan or Farooq Laghari. In finishing both the governments of PPP,

The judiciary played a lamentable part. This is certainly a marathon of conspiracies against democracy. The history cited that and strongly condemned it and after years, again, there has been an attempt to destabilize the government of PPP _ the symbol of Pakistan’s sovereignty and federation. The cases filed under NRO were those , which had never been proved for years and now, the Supreme Court has gone nuts again for them….Is it again a Fair Play ???

President Zardari _ who gave commendable sacrifices for the sake of democracy , whether the gadget of Mr 10 % was used against him or of NAB’s fake corruption cases…..those long months in prison _ from one court to another….Didn’t Pakistan Peoples Party face that??? Didn’t President Zardari bear all the persecutions patiently ??? Didn’t he??? I ask the Chief Justice , Can’t he see the corruption of PMLN and Shareef brothers..Of former Prime Minister Shaukat Azeez and the greatest of all our honorable Ex President Pervez Musharaf??? Is this court of Pakistan blind to see the murders done in front of them or openly on the roads of Pakistan?? Can’t they see, but that’s much more horrible to realize that here , the courts belong to the establishment and dictators, there is no place or justice for democracy in them and the Chief Justice’s decision about the NRO cases and about President Zardari has further removed all doubts of their pro dictator ambitions.Thankyou Chief Justice!!! You proved that….!

Indeed , the world might lose hope, but there lies a hope of a new morning…..again , the sun’s golden rays will enlighten the day and will come there a revolution _ not to let the blood of our leaders or our President and party’s struggle & sacrifices go waste.



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