Supreme Court of Pakistan must refrain from interfering into the executive authority of the democratic government

The decision by the mostly Punjabi, some of them pro-Taliban, judges in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the process of national reconciliation in the country has had a visibly adverse impact on the capacity of the democratic government.

While the Supreme Court of Pakistan has failed to award exemplary punishments to Taliban terrorists and their supporters (including but not limited to Mullah Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid, General Hameed Gul, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, and many terrorists of Taliban, Al Qaeda and Sipah-e-Sahaba), while the Supreme Court has failed to try and punish military generals for violating the constitution of Pakistan and for scores of cases of corruption against General Musharraf, General Hameed Gul and Brigadier Imtiaz etc, the Court seems to be in an inexplicable hurry against the democratic government of PPP.

Imran Khan, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Islamabad, said: “In the midst of a massive crisis that Pakistan faces; a war within its own borders, suicide bombings on a deadly basis, we’re now seeing a new political crisis.” This new political crisis is likely to further complicate domestic instability within the country and international efforts in Afghanistan. Source

The Supreme Court of Taliban, it seems, is adamant on interference in the executive authority of the democratic government in Pakistan perhaps with an aim to stall the successful military operation against Taliban and Al Qaeda. Here are a few examples:

Ahmed Mukhtar stopped from leaving country
Updated at: 2321 PST, Thursday, December 17, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Defence Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar, whose name is on ECL, has been stopped from leaving the country for China here at Islamabad airport on Thursday.

The Federal Minister, along with his delegation, was scheduled to leave the country on PIA’s flight no PK-852 for China on an official visit. He was intercepted by the FIA staff at the Islamabad airport just before getting on board the flight.

The Defence Minister, whose name was placed on Exit Control List (ECL) after SC verdict on NRO, was informed of this fact and that he was not allowed to leave the country.

The Minister had an exchange of some hot words with the FIA staff when he was stopped, the sources said.

However, the Defence Minister talking to Geo News said he did not leave for the airport because he was informed by the Secretary Interior of having his name on ECL.

He said, “It is a shame for the nation that the Defence Minister has been stopped from leaving on an official visit.”

LHC appoints local commission in petition against Mukhtar

LAHORE: An election tribunal of the Lahore High Court (LHC), consisting of Justice Ijaz Ahmad, has appointed a local commission to report with 30 days on a petition challenging the election of Federal Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar from NA-105 (Gujrat).

Issues against Wattoo: An election tribunal of the Lahore High Court (LHC) will frame issues on December 15 on a petition challenging the election of Mian Manzoor Wattoo as a member of the National Assembly from NA-146 (Okara). The petitioner, Rao Muhammad Ajmal, said he had obtained 46,006 votes while Wattoo secured 46,941 votes. He said the margin of victory was 935 votes while 5,686 votes had been rejected. He said the retuning officers gave undue advantage to Wattoo while consolidating the results and never examined the rejected votes. He alleged that Wattoo’s son Khurram Jahangir was a Town Nazim at the time of election and he used local body’s machinery to secure a victory for his father. He said that the security arrangements in the area were also not satisfactory as one person was killed and many others were injuring in polling-related clashes.

Haris Steel Mills case: SC orders action against chief commissioner
Updated at: 1340 PST, Friday, December 11, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The Chief Justice Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry has ordered legal action against Chief Commissioner Islamabad Fazeel Asghar for providing help to Sheikh Afzal, owner of Haris Steel Mills, to flee from the country.

The court has also expressed displeasure on government’s decision of removing DGFIA Tariq Khosa from the post.

A three-member bench of Supreme Court (SC) headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard Haris Steel Mills case. The NAB informed the court that assets of Shaikh Afzal in Dubai and Malaysia have been frozen whereas ex-president of Punjab Bank Hamesh Khan had already arrested in US and arrangements are underway to bring up back him in the country.

The court has also called explanation from government about removal of DG FIA Tariq Khosa. Chief Justice said Khosa was performing well in some key cases and instead of encouragement; government has removed him from the office. Acting attorney general said he will informed the court after consultation with government on the issue. The case hearing will be resume on December 16.

Steel Mills probe team notification cancelled
Updated at: 1530 PST, Thursday, December 17, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has issued contempt of court notice to Interior Minister Rehman Malik and cancelled notification issued form interior ministry team to investigate corruption in Steel Mills.

The court has also ordered immediate restoration of DG FIA Tariq Khosa.

A three-member bench of Supreme Court today starts hearing of Steel Mills corruption case today. The court expressed displeasure on the removal of DG FIA Tariq Khosa. Acting attorney general conveyed message of good wishes of prime minister to the court and said Tariq Khosa would be appointed as secretary interior. Any person referred by the court will be appointed as chief of FIA.

The chief justice expressed displeasure and said Tariq Khosa should be restored today so that he will complete investigations of Steel Mills, Haris Mills and other cases. The court has also cancelled interior ministry notification for the formation investigation team. The court issued contempt of court notice to Interior Minister Rehman Malik and directed to submit reply December 24.

SC issues contempt of court notice to Malik
Upadated on: 17 Dec 09 06:53 PM

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has issued a contempt of court notice to the federal interior minister, Rehman Malik, Thursday.

The notice has been issued for his involvement in court’s investigation of Pakistan Steel Mills fraud case.

Three-member bench of the SC headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry has suspended the orders of the interior minister for investigation by the joint team instead of the Director FIA Sindh Zubair Mehmood. The court has also ordered to continue the investigation according to previous orders of the court.

The court in the notice stated that Malik said that the SC was not satisfied over the investigation therefore joint team was constituted but the court has not issued/shown such orders at all. Malik has been asked to appear before the court and justify why he should not be investigated into the matter.

The notice also carried the comments/statement of Doctor Aslam Khaki that the transfer of Director General Tariq Latif Khosa was held to keep him aside from the Steel Mills fraud case.

CJ Chaudhry showing anger over the matter said that the administration was interfering into the court matters. CJ Chaudhry ordered the Attorney General Shah Khawar to issue orders to the concerned department to keep Khosa on his seat till the completion of the three to four cases.

Shah Khawar told the court after talking to the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani that the government was ready to take back the decision of the government of the joint investigation.

Some comments

hasankhan said:
ch.iftkhar is very luckey.asif zerdari is president if there was mushrraf he put him in jail and if there was nawaz shreef he have attacked supreme court .i salute zerdari to u how gracously u took this verdict.

gayan said:

My point is why just Politicians……why not Generals……

Politicians have been paying the price for sometime now……

mir munsif said:

No one is above law,either he is Punjabi or Sindhi,Pushto or Baluchi etc.But Considering all evil related to PPP esp leadership of PPP,then it means there is some fishy,It seems that All the worst is PPP leadership while all Pious leadership is from Punjab based Parties.There is dichtomy,A Sindhi PM was hanged by nexis of Judiciary and Military,Now even Judges on record say,it was wrong and forced decision.While Sharif flied easily,signed a deal (NRO),no hue and cry on his deal,no NRO problem,No prison because He is from Punjab??? While AZ suffered several years in prison,BB was killed in Pindi.The Death bodies come from Punjab..What a Federalism.If we do YES to all things of Military and Punjabi brothers,then we are Pakistani,we are good,we are patroitic..If you think so that Nations build upon heaps of Weapons,military pressures and Monopoly,then bro u are utterly wrong.Moreover Agencies and Military which is full from ppl of Punjab also need to come out of Punjabism and learn to respect sentiments of every one.SIndh based leadership talks about federation,what ever u name them,hate them,abuse them or criticise them) but THEY ARE ELECTED ppl.They have to right to govern,this is called Democracy.Every time,democracy takes first steps,some misventures comes and derails whole system.

One more point,who many times PMLN leadership visited SIndh,They hardly come out from Jaati umaro,see the TOP 50 leaders of PMLN,u’ll find 95 percent from Punjab,HAVE THEY TRIED TO make any base in SIndh??? PTI has the same record,IK hardly visits SIndh,people have only few choices,PPP,Mqm Mafia,PMLQ Wadeeras cum looters and now after long pause Nationalist leaders have decided to take part in Election.Lets see who situation turns in SIndh.If PPP fails to deliver,only alternative is Nationalist parties.

FInally,Let me clear,Its federation of every one,SIND is NOT COLONY of any one,Sindh is equal stake holder of this federation,dont PUSH HARD or CORNER federal voice in Sindh,otheriwise the silent volcano of mistrust,dissatisfaction will erupt,which is neither good for state nor our future generations.I request you all,Do criticise PPP,but dont be BIASED and respect the mandate,they are elcted representative of ppl,if they wont come up to the expectations to ppl,they will get flushed out but if any one tried to oust them through propaganda,illegitmate way then Bhai Pakistani sb,iss Pakistani bhi phir Allah Hafiz hey.

Engr_Ali said:
Judiciary will be independant once they also investigate schemes like “Qarz utaro Mulk sanwaro” and put on trial the corrupt generals..opening the cases of only PPP gives the impression that it was a prejudiced decision…

Discalimer (for the empty headed only): I do not support in any way, PML-N, PPP or MQM

hasankhan said:
mr,ifthkhar u r a justice not a king,stay under ur limmit.when mushrraf kicked u and arrested u it was ppp who released u.if zerdari kicked u now ,no one fr computer addicts will come to rescue u.ur job is to give the justice ,not to rule the country.

gayan said:
even Maja and Gama knew this will be the decision…….

This decsion has further united ppp and support of zardari has increased within his supporters, who strongly belive that it is a clear victimisation…..cuperem ciurt is ignoring the crimes of Musharruff, army, MQM and going after PPP Govt….not right……

Yesterday BOLTA PAKISTAN, please see what Nusrat said about supreme court….i echo that……




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