International politics and Pakistan’s billi brigade – by Ali Raja

Urdu is doubtlessly one of the most attractive languages across the globe. With the variety, mobility and depth that Urdu language holds it can easily be classified as a growing language.

Along with being an official language of Pakistan, Urdu attains a respectable and defined position in more than seven countries of Asia. Not only does it attract foreigners on it’s shore but also make them float across it’s tides. 8 foreign universities officially hold a degree programme for Urdu language and the ones learning it find it fun. One of the very obvious reasons for it being its proverbs.

Unlike other languages proverbs in Urdu always hold a comic touch in them, they happen to be derived from a historical background and hold multiple meanings. With these proverbs Urdu becomes an energetic, young language which is full of life. These proverbs are not just once read forgotten kind of stuff. In fact you encounter on or the other at every phase of your life and thanks to this “democratic government” I happen to recall proverbs each time I have a look at politics. With so many to count I still have one as my favourite “Bili Ke Bhagun Chinka Tuta.”

بلی کے بھاگوں چھینکا ٹوٹا

You grab up a newspaper, you turn on your TV or surf over the Internet. Every time the stream of politics takes a turn a “Billi” brigade, which is just in search of a glimpse of a thriller sets of for a march past. They parade and parade on those grounds until they get a fresh one.

From fundamentalists to middle class pseudo-liberals and from extremists to beta-moderates, we have a huge mob of self declared analysts who are ready to educate the poor nation about it’s well being and unveil the conspiracies which are building up in the dark.

These analyst “Billis” of Pakistan are in a constant state of starve thus looking for “Chinkas” to break up. Fortunately enough these “Billis” are quite lucky in this case. Every now and then a “Chinka” does break up sprinkling some rotten bones but not up to their appetite. Our dear “Billi Brigade” thus looks for another while eating at the first. The recent of it’s “Chinkas” was “President Obama and India in The Security Council.”

Before we dig out the Obama visit to India we must keep the socio-political climate of U.S.A in mind. The visit came at a time when America and it’s people are at the verge of an economic turmoil. Capitalistic growth seems to have paused, Corporate structure has started to tremble and Tycoons have started to faint. Capitalism across the globe is moving through the worst of it’s phases.

In a similar fashion the net around the commoner has started to tighten up. Inflation, recession and contraction are the terms haunting the American nights. Unemployment rate has crawled the Everest and life sustenance has become hard job on the floor. The national response over the Obama progress was seen very shortly. Democrats faced a loss in the mid-term elections and Congress went to the Republicans. This was the time when President Barrack Obama decided to visit India.

India a country of 1.18 billion heads, a country with a GDP ranging to U.S$1.234 trillion, a country which is the eleventh largest economy on the globe, a country ranked fourth largest Purchasing Power Party with U.S$3.561 trillion, a country with a per-capita income of U.S$3100, a country with a GDP growth of 5.8% and in short a country which is the most rapidly growing economy of the globe. Analysts throughout the map could smell a “business oriented” tour cooking in the Obama mind. With having lost too much on the financial front President Barack Obama was on to his new strategy of “joint venture”. In collaboration with India President Obama intended to move forward in stabilising the collapsing capitalistic structure. This visit thus was not a diplomacy centered tour but a crisp, statistical financial project.

As it was very clear that India being the wanted player had ball in it’s court. It was India which had a straightened economy, a mega market and an investment oriented situation on board. India thus was the beneficent party of the dialogue and was expected to hold an upper hand and so was India ready to cash it. President of United States touched the Indian soils on 6th day of November 2010 and went straight to the Mumbai Massacre memorial the Taj Mehal hotel paying a homage to the ones assassinated in the Mumbai attacks.

In a 30 minute speech that he delivered at the Taj while expressing his utmost sorrow at the incident and solidarity with the effected families and he people of India, Obama was cleaver enough to refrain from using the word “Pakistan” but it is never easy to have a lunch with a “Bannia”. The moment his speech uttered a full stop extremists with the saffron bands were on the roads. Protests were arranged, talks shows were aired and columns were written condemning President Obama for not squashing Pakistan in his speech.

After a hectic exercise of bringing “Obama Under Pressure” the saffron camp decided to see the results. In a direct contact that Obama made with the Indian student he again stepped aside from Pakistan but they were not ready to let him go that easy. There came an agitating question from a young girl “Why doesn’t U.S declare Pakistan as a terrorist state.” With the yesterday exercise the girl and like minded camp was expecting a statement that would make the Pakistanis roll over the ashes but what came was not likely.

President Obama after thinking for a moment decided to squash the expectations of the little babe he went on saying “Pakistan is an enormous country. Strategically important country not only for the U.S. but for the world… a country that has enormous potential but it also has some of the extremist elements. The Pakistani government is aware of that (extremism) and what we have tried to do is to engage aggressively with them,to communicate with them that we want nothing more than a stable, prosperous and peaceful Pakistan, and that we will work with the Pakistani government in order to eradicate this extremism that we consider a cancer.”

As it was obvious, the Indian electronic media, press, intellectuals and extremists went red and blue at this statement. In a country where Rahul Gandhi calls Pakistan a non-issue Obama was bold enough to call Pakistan “a strategically important ally”. Every one knows the pain of broken expectations. The Indian intelligentsia was seen jumping over the heels and calling the Obama visit a “Diplomatic Failure” of Congress government. They said it had yielded none but “Pakistan Sympathetic Statements.” “Go Back Obama” was the slogan shaking the skies.

On the other hand the “Strategic Experts” sitting on the other side the border were busy cracking nuts in their blankets. Not even a single of our “Analysts”, who claim to have an eye on every ant creeping on mother earth was blunt enough to mark this Obama statement. No one in the Pakistani “Intellectual” community was found praising President Obama and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy. No one unveiled that it was the same “Obama” who had threatened to bomb Quetta when he was running for his Presidency, no one acknowledged his diplomatic elasticity and no one was found saying “Well Done Pakistan.” The “Billi Brigade” of Pakistan was not interested in “non-issues” but they looking for a “Chinka To Break” and so it did.

President Obama announced his willingness in supporting “India” for a permanent set in the United Nation’s Security Council. As it was expected the “Billi” of Pakistan started to “meow” on the top of their throat. All the main stream channels and news paper were pushing each other in order to gain an edge in this “moaning” race. “Strategic Experts” were sweating from head to toe calling this statement as the biggest diplomatic failure Pakistan has ever encountered in it’s 63 years long history. With a permanent seat in the security council India will dumb the Kashmir Issue for ever and will put it’s foot over the Pakistani neck thus destroying our “National Prestige.”

Amazingly the experts that were giving all the available credit of the “strategic dialogue” to the Iron Man of Pakistan General Kiyani and were busy saying that he was the only man of worth in Washington who led Pakistan single handed, were now busy cursing “Zardari Government” for this diplomatic failure. Darlings were also seen demanding a resignation from the PPP for the loss they have tendered to Pakistan’s Foreign Policy. This “Chinka” was enough for our “Billi Brigade” and all the “Billis” were happily feasting at the siege.

Government of Pakistan” was quick enough to express it’s concerns over the Obama idea. Within minutes of of this statement Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was found giving a statement that expressed his “deep concerns” and “disapproval” for the move made by President Obama. Very next day the “Federal Cabinet” formally endorsed their point of view and brought to record it’s it’s disgust over the issue.

The resolution passed at the cabinet said “It has been observed that this decision (of the US) has grave ramifications for the direction and prospects of the system of multilateral cooperation as envisaged by the founding fathers of the UN Charter (the US decision) also has implications for peace and security and stability in Asia , particularly South Asia. It is incomprehensible that the US has sought to support India whose credentials with respect to observing the UN Charter principles and international law are at best chequered.

The US decision also has implications for peace and security and stability in Asia , particularly South Asia. It is incomprehensible that the US has sought to support India whose credentials with respect to observing the UN Charter principles and international law are at best chequered.” While on hand when “Billi Brigade” was busy scratching the government’s face and calling the Cabinet Resolution “Meaningless and Posthumous” on the other hand Government of Pakistan had started to strive for what it had said. The “Incompetent” and “Poor” government of Pakistan was off to a diplomatic mission.

Silent and off screen as they always are this mission was to bring the players of the globe on our side of the court. When people in Pakistan were having ears and eyes on their T.V sets their were some who were playing away from the T.V and their innings was much more worth watching.

China the undisputed future of the globe is the country which holds an equal chair with the U.S.A in the global affairs. Along with being a giant within it’s self China holds a tight grip on the world map. From Asia to Africa and from Europe to Atlanta, China has a very firm and energetic net of diplomacy with which it carries out the world affairs. Thanks to the super-duper foreign policy, Pakistan Army had carried out under the command of the selfless leadership of General Musharraf, China in 2006 affirmed its support for India’s access to the security council.

After this recent U.S move and the firm stance by Pakistan’s “incompetent” government China has surprisingly taken a turn in it’s policy for U.N. On 9th of November 2010 the Chines Foreign Office was found saying “China is willing to keep in contact with other countries, including India, and participate in negotiations on the entrance of more developing countries.” A comment which F.M of Pakistan saw as a unanimous stand. China holds a veto power in the U.N thus being a country eligible of voting a new comer out. This clear deviation of China from the firm stance it had earlier adopted makes it obligatory for all to clap for the ones playing behind the screen.

Italy the boot of Europe by words and the heart of Europe by virtue. Italy the seventh largest economy on the globe and Italy a member of G-8. Italy doubtlessly attains a master key position in the European Union. Italy was the country which contributed the most in tackling the economic turmoil Europe went through in the recent years. On 10th of November 2010 the Italian F.M in the shadows of the Margalas said “We strongly hail Pakistan’s stance regarding expansion of Security Council and it should be done through proper channel.”

Italy holds a position which can bend the French moves according to it’s wish. Italy and France have a common stance in the U.N from the last decade and have never casted opposing votes. France holding a veto-power will be under the spot light. Those players of dark deserve a big hand on what they have achieved.

Leaving the rest behind, the United States of America after smelling what is on the stove, it’s self has issued a statement which holds a significant importance. The Spokesman for U.S Department of State said on 11th of November 2010 “The United States of America holds no intentions of awarding a veto power status to any other country but the existing members.”

Having understood the role of Permanent Members in the U.N Security Council one can easily assert what U.S has said. With no veto power given to India….Who Cares what India is about to get. A permanent seat without the veto power will be nothing more than a comfortable seat. This surprising clarification made by the U.S. makes the applause to those players, much more necessary.

The “Billi Brigade” which was moaning on the top of its throat seems to have entered a hibernation period once again. With not even a glimpse of applause for the Foreign Policy and its operators, it seems like they are in a never ending search of another Chinka broken.



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