Muslim youth in Iqbal’s view – by Amjad Rashid

“You are eagle! Your duty is to flight freely! You have even more horizons before you”, this is the translation of the famous verses of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal which is often written on the walls and charts of our government schools. The eagle mentioned in this poetry is the Muslim “youth”, and Iqbal has told that eagles always fly towards the heights of horizons freely. Eagle is not bound to any cage and he is free by nature.

Same thing is for the youth, that the Muslim is free for his flights towards horizons of knowledge, hard work and progress by nature. Dr. Iqbal truly said that the slavery is not in the nature of any Muslim, so it is the duty of the Muslim Youth to lead the life and find new & new horizons of progress & prosperity. This poetry was written in 1932 almost and I am afraid that still this poetry of Dr. Iqbal is a question mark before the whole Muslim Youth.

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) preached Islam as it is the place of peace and if we see spiritually, every person (may have any religion) which obeys God and accepts Muhammad (S.A.W.W) as the best reformer in the world and wants peace in the society is automatic Muslim. That’s why Baba Bullhay Shah said:

“Mandir Dhaa day Masjid Dhaa Day….

Dhaa day jo kuch v hai dhaindaa………

Par kaday kisi daa Dil na Dhaween……

Rab aap dilaan vich rahandaa…………..”

It means that ” If you destruct Temple or Mosque not a big sin but to Destruct hearts of the people, is the biggest sin in the world as God is resident & habitant of Hearts of the people”. So, Iqbal has also said that:

“Parwaz hai dono ki ek hi jahan main…….

Shaheen ka jahan aur hai kirgas ka jahan aur…….

Alfaz o Muani main tafawat wa badal to nahi lekin…..

Mulla ki Azaan aur hai…….. Mujahid ki azaan aur…..”

So, our national poet Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal wanted to see Muslim Youth like Eagle which has its separate nature. It earns its livelihood itself and lives freely without any slavery. That’s why Iqbal suggested following the call of “Mujahid” then a “Mullah” because the prayer of Mujahid is free and bounces towards the extremes of the horizon while the prayer of Mullah has although same words & meanings but it obeys limitations.

All this I have written & mentioned because today our Muslim youth is slave. It is slave of the system, it is the slave of the money, it is the slave of IMF & World Bank, it is the slave of Foreign Aid, it is the slave of Narcotics, it is the slave of Musharraf Modernization, it is the slave of Zia Islamization, it is the slave of feudal, it is the slave of industrialists, it is the slave of extremists and now it is the slave of terrorists.

In the month of November, it is the moral duty of all of us to not only celebrate Iqbal’s birthday and go to his tomb only, but to follow his great thoughts which are our assets. It is the duty of all of us to explore the realities of this world and live courageously in this world. It is our moral duty to keep away ourselves from such extremists which declared Iqbal a “Kafir” as he had written “Shikwah”.

At the end, I shall just say that:

“Daagh-e-Sajood agar teri paishani pe hua to kia……

Koi Aesa Sajda b kar k zameen par nishan reh jaye……..”

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  1. Iqbal met Italian dictator Mussolini and dedicated a poem in his honour while the Italian fascist army was using chemical weapons in Lybia and Ethiopia.