Chief Justice and his cronies must be tried under Article 6 of Pakistan’s constitution – by Dr Amjad Cheema

Chief (or Cheap?) Justice and his cronies must be tried under Article 6 of Pakistan’s constitution. The idea cropped up in my mind when the Cheap Justice threatened Prime Minister with trial under article 6 during that fateful night when the Taliban Union of Journalists woke them up from sleep. You can judge their intellectual bankruptcy by the fact that one of the so-called judges (Justice Javed Iqbal) was quoting Shahid Masood as its source of information. In fact admitting petitions against 18th amendment for hearing was a blatant violation of the constitution of Pakistan which states categorically that “No amendment of the Constitution shall be called in question in any court on any ground whatsoever.” Therefore it is these judges who parliament should try under article 6.

Now they have come up with some directives to Parliament which again is undermining the sovereignty of parliament.

I totally agree with Mirza Nisar Ahmed’s article that parliament must not surrender its sovereignty to an unelected body which is not accountable to the people of Pakistan. Enough is enough; Parliament must not be hoodwinked by theses stooges of establishment.

They violated the constitution on 31st July last year as judges of superior courts could only be removed through supreme judicial council. Again they violated it more recently when they gave extension to additional judges as it was an extra constitutional measure and was beyond any legal justification.

We have seen great victory of Asma Jehangir against these forces of darkness which are promoting the agenda of establishment. In fact it was the victory of democratic forces against Talibans. We must defeat these custodians of Talibans also who are sitting in Supreme Court & represent forces of darkness. They threaten the people’s representative with article 6 but it is these against who it is applicable.

This bunch of seventeen scoundrels has paralyzed the whole political system of the country. They want to transform the parliamentary democracy into judicial dictatorship.

This brigade of angels are very annoyed at NRO forgetting that it was the NRO which made Musharaf to throw his uniform, it was this dirty NRO which brought democracy which then reinstated these judges. These judges should have been thankful to the wisdom of Benazir Bhutto whose party it want to destroy.

Mr. Cheap Justice has a striking resemblance to Moulvi Zia Ul Batal (General Zia-ul-Haq) who hanged the first elected prime Minister of this country. He now wants to hang the entire party of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He must be stopped from following the agenda of the establishment. I reiterate that Parliament must not surrender its sovereignty to an unelected body.



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