Blasphemy tragedy: Two new cases of blasphemy against Christians


 LAHORE:“I became perplexed and distressed after going through the contents of  the registered FIRs under Sections 295 A,295 B and 295 C PPC against Christians at Police Station Township and Police Station Green Town”,said Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Chief of LEAD BY ADDING “worried to whom I will condemn and about whom I will say he is responsible of “BLASPHEMY TRAGEDY“.

Within this month of October two blasphemy cases registered at different police stations.The case FIR No.678/2013 under Sections 295 A,295 B,295 C PPC and 25/D Telegraph Act registered at Police Station Green Town on October 2,2013 against Asif Pervaiz on the base of sending mobile text messages to Master Saeed Ahmad Khokhar consecutively on different dates and times,in which the alleged  accused used filthy words and abusive language against Islam,Muslims,Quran and Prophet of Islam “Muhammad”.

In this case the alleged accused was arrested and sent in judicial lock up.The accused told that his sim No.0324-6634085 was used, when it was lost, by some colleagues who had some disputes with the alleged accused.

“In this case the prosecution story is very strong  and there is strong documentary evidence against the accused which enough to prove him guilty,but if the investigation should be fair and without foul then the version of the alleged accused should be proved through the location of used sim and through which mobile the sim was used”,Said Gill.

On dated  9  October,2013 one  another blasphemy case FIR No.675/2013 under sections 295 A,295 B and 295 C PPC was registered at  Police Station Township and these two PS Stations are adjacent, against three Christians,Mushtaq Masih the owner of the New Diamond Glass Shop,Arfan Masih servant of the shop and Pastor Adnan who was main alleged accused of the FIR and real brother of Arfan Masih was given in Police custody.

According to FIR story,the complainant is a Muslim Abid Mehmood also servant of the New Diamond Glass Shop,on 7 October,2013 when the complainant “Abid Mehmood” along with Mudasar,he is also Muslim,entered the shop and saw that Pastor Adnan was reading a book written by one Muslim writer.The complainant did not notice and next day on 8 October,2013 when the complainant noticed that there were many marks on different text lines and some paragraph were highlighted and one some pages there were used abusive language against Islam,Muslims,Quran and Prophet of Islam “Muhammad”.

“In this case also the prosecution story is very strong  and there is strong documentary evidence against the accused which enough to prove him guilty,but if the investigation should be fair and without foul then the version of the alleged accused should be proved that the abusive wordings and filthy language is not being used by the alleged accused and we are hopeful and high police officials also promised to release Mushtaq Masih and also will not arrest to Arfan Masih because both has no specific role in the commission of said blasphemy offences”,Said Gill.

The families of both accused are suffering and the Christians of surroundings area are also under threats and pressure.

LEAD’s special request to those who are non lawyers and has no legal knowledge how to speak and write ,on behalf of victims of blasphemy, in front of investigators,please do not interfere in such serious and sensitive cases.

Days back we received some heart breaking information that there is one group who forced Christians to accept Islam and those ,who forced on gun point to Christian family to accept Islam, were also arrested and put behind bars.

LEAD’s second special request to pray for the victims and persecuted who have to suffer whole life due to such kinds of allegations and also victims  of forced conversion.LEAD is ready to give its free legal services  to the blasphemy victims and other ngos who have same mission and vision as LEAD.

Source: LEAD

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