Ajaz Anwar is a Distinguished Painter of Pakistan – by Waseem Altaf


Ajaz Anwar is a distinguished painter of Pakistan. He was a teacher at National College of Arts Lahore. His water color paintings show the grandeur of the old buildings and the cultural life in Lahore.

Born in Ludhiana in 1946, his father was a cartoonist who apparently had stirred his passion from childhood and from whom he drew his inspiration
The old buildings of Lahore are the main theme of his paintings. He has tried to preserve those buildings in his paintings which are replaced by new style buildings or they are crumbling. These are the buildings of old Lahore; not all are historical, but common homes of common people are the centre of his attention. Natural lively colors bring the buildings to life.

Although buildings are the main theme of his paintings and people are just there to make a normal life but the characters he used in his paintings are the quintessential of daily life in Lahore or Punjab. The characters are faceless but they represent the common people found in the bazaars: A Tonga rider, women walking in the bazaar, children playing, milkman, old people talking, and sellers of all kinds.











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