A response to Ejaz Haider: Blatant lies and partial facts on Balochistan – by Shaista Aazar

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On Ejaz Haider and his kudos to our saviours

Ejaz Haider, as a political analyst wrote about him, “Ejaz Haider is just defending what he has always believed in. He is a former cadet and would have done quite well had he stayed on. He is actually part of the great Strategic Plans Division (SPD) network. They love his intellectual monologue and he loves lecturing them.

But, the monologue and lecturing is not restrained only to the said department. He often comes out with Op-Ed and articles in newspapers, weekly magazines. He comes with selective responses on various issues as he wrote an Op-ed, The great non-debate!, while responding to Fasi Zaka and George Fulton on their pieces about Sialkot mob killing and another Op-ed, How about (super) models! while  responding to Ayesha Siddiqa’s piece on Hate India mindset.

He recently has written two articles on Balochistan, Immediate action needed in Balochistan and Lies and half-truths on Balochistan.

A friend of mine asked Malik Siraj Akbar, editor of the recently blocked online newspaper, The Baloch Hal about the blocking and Ejaz Haider Op-eds, he replied, “Its very unfortunate that all sources to Balochistan are blocked for the rest of the country and the world.  I have no complaints from Ejaz Haider as he flies to Quetta in a military helicopter. Ejaz Haider served in the Pakistan Army for two years and took a course at PMA (this is what he has confirmed on his facebook page. ”

In his Op-eds about Balochistan, he is urging immediate action in Balochistan in his own words,

Balochistan needs immediate and effective attention. Period. Not because it is about to secede or even that any secession movement there can succeed; it can’t. Balochistan needs to be dealt with because the province has got a raw deal all these decades and, unless the healing touch is applied, it will – in some ways already has – become a diabetic case. The cost of governing it is rising and will continue to rise unless measures are taken NOW.

Further he wrote about the miseries of Baloch people but hold the federal and provincial Governments as well as the tribal chieftans responsible for all this but failed to mention the atrocities brought to them by the military actions in different governments. Come on! don’t tell me that military actions were the decisions by the political governments.

He talked of the human aspect of the whole issue but just because Balochs in reprisals have now come to haunt innocent Punjabi families, most of which have lived there for decades. They are being targeted, killed mercilessly and forced to leave.

Killings of  innocent punjabis are condemnable indeed but he never spoke a single word about the abductions, bullet riddled bodies and the missing persons in his two Gems.

Other ethnis groups in Balochistan as Pashtoons are facing the same fate in other parts as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Karachi. The strategic fallacies of the security establishment, their difficulty in finding it to distinguish between “good” jihadi groups — those that launch attacks in India or Afghanistan — and “bad” ones that wage against the Pakistani state.

He is reminding us,

“Let us also flag the point that the issue is about Balochistan’s grievances, not just Baloch grievances. Lest anyone forget, Balochistan houses other ethnic groups too.”

Riding on the bandwagon of other ethnic group will not do any good.  Here’s a paragraph  quoted by none other than Khaled Ahmed in Fridaytimes, “A State that “Excludes”.

According to Adeel Khan, author of Politics of Identity: Ethnic Nationalism and the State in Pakistan (Sage Publications 2005) the state in Pakistan was dominated by the Punjabi who assumed the role of the colonizer and laid down the ideological criteria of Pakistani identity. Two communities rode along as subordinate beneficiaries of the Punjabi: the mohajir and the Pashtun. The two identities challenged and coerced thus were the Sindhis and the Baloch.

He appreciated the steps taken by military establishment  with no Grey shades described. And it is the job he better can do. He asked for a political cover to all these steps and quoted Raisani saying that the establishment had not mandated him to talk to the sub-nationalists( speaking his mind while using the term). While Reacting Ejaz Haider asked the CM sarcastically, “Really? So, what is he doing being the CM if he requires the nod of the ‘establishment’? Also, why are civilian principals not taking responsibility for what needs to be done?

While starting his second piece he criticize those who talk about Balochistan, He writes’ “what about some so-called libs whose favourite pastime is to find fault with the state without offering viable policy solutions?”

Though in his rebuttal to Ayesha Siddiqa, objecting her language, he advises the editors,

“My dear sir/ma’am, her sentence, “Mr Chaudhry and others of his ilk” should have been recast because it comes across as ad hominem. Debate should always be strictly about issues. Secondly, “continues to paddle” should have been “peddle”. Make your writers look good; that’s your job!”

What about your usage of the word, “So called Libs” Dear Sir. And what about those who have objected LUBP for calling some people as “Pseudo-liberals”

Finally he talked of the sectarian kiling and persecution of Shia-hazara community, but he did not mention the sectarian monsters and religious extremists have no grounds in Balochs, they are mostly punjabis/ Siraikis and Pashtuns (thanks to the border lines with war torn Afghanistan and sectarian battlefield, Punjab.

He concludes,

“Since 2002, the Hazara community has suffered more than 1,200 casualties in various sectarian attacks and target killings. And try telling the Punjabis their numbers are swelling rather than depleting. You better be a good runner!”

Or you might have a military chopper like His Excellency Ejaz Haider Sahib!!!!



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