Media’s view on political alliances – by Sikandar Mehdi

When Shahbaz Sharif & Ishaq Dar of PML-N meet with  PML-Q’s senator S.M. Zafar  along with Tariq Aziz, it is labeled as political initiative by the representatives of two parties to discuss the problems which country is facing right now. On the contrary when BabarAwan meets Pervaiz Elahi on the same agenda, media starts crying foul. Media-Persons are well aware of the fact that  their Taliban sympathizer bosses of PML-N will be left in the dark if PPP & PML-Q meeting reaches at some working consensus. When PPP asserts that this is the part of reconciliation policy, TV anchors starts shouting at the top of their lungs implying that it is against the ethical principles and PML-Q is Musharraf’s party and killers of Benazir.Now fast forward to yesterday’s developments, the point man of PML-N and relative of Nawaz Sharif by virtue of being his Samdhi has met the president of PML-Q Chaudhry Shujaat Husaain.

Now look at few headlines how media is twisting this meeting of two Dons of their parties.

Breakthrough as N and Q team up in parliamentary body : THE NEWS 3 Nov, 2010

PML-N, Q agree on joint nominations for JC : DAWN 3 Nov, 2010

PML-N’s Ishaq Dar meets Chaudhry Shujaat : DAILY TIMES 3 Nov, 2010

PML-N, Q finalise JC nominations : THE NATION 3 Nov, 2010

PML-N, Q finalise judicial commission nominations : EXPRESS TRIBUNE, 3 Nov, 2010

In other words, media is happy with the meeting of two fractions of PML and trying to facilitate it by admiring and looking at it positively. But how come they don’t demonstrate the same attitude when PPP & PML-Q meet. It is becauseof the fact that if such meeting  materializes into an ultimate consensus it will hurt the interests of both;media and PML-N. Just like when Media & other Taliban sympathizer political parties got the bleeding noses after the victory of Asma Jehangir as president of SCBA. They knew that the efficacious woman would bring the black coats to senses who had been for sale every single day of week. It is claimed by media that Babar Awan has bought them, well as I have mentioned it earlier in one of my posts that this sale & purchase has come to full circle. Nawaz Sharif bought & sold lawyers for free, but now time seems to be changing and they are available to the highest bidder.

In comparison to the above headlines of the leading newspapers which are read by the “Decision Makers of Pakistan”. Following headline manifests the twist given by the media to the statement issued by PM Gillani.

DAWN: Awan-Elahi meeting part of politics of reconciliation: PM

And this is how media attacked and portrayed the re conciliatory meeting between the two political parties.

PPP courts PML-Q in bid to derail unification : DAWN 26 Oct, 2010

PPP-PML-Q meeting termed a ‘message for MQM : DAWN  27 Oct, 2010

Q better than N, discovers PPP :THE NEWS 26 Oct, 2010

Foreign diplomats involved in Q-PPP matrimony : THE NEWS 26 Oct, 2010

Turmoil hits PML-Q after dating Babar Awan : THE NEWS 27 Oct, 2010

PPP wooing Shujaat with MQM divorce in view : THE NEWS 27 Oct, 2010

Faisal rules out alliance with PPP : THE NEWS 27 Oct, 2010

PPP-PML-Q honeymoon to end soon: PML-N : THE NEWS 27 Oct, 2010

Media & PML-N were caught off guard and demonstrated the shocking behavior when two parties met. Media’s reaction was very much expected as PML-N and ISI has invested heavily in the media. The anchor men are on their payroll. Media’s exploitation of facts is as conspicuous as day-light. They are the real spokesmen of Taliban & Terrorist

We don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see what media is trying to do.Media has its own interest in the fall of the government. They along with their Taliban sympathizers will have a field day. They want Pakistan to become a state run by religious bigots / terrorist under the supervision of Nawaz Sharif, JI and ISI, all three are real heirs of Zia the butcher’s legacy of religious intolerance.