SC Bars Zardari from leaving Pakistan

SC Bars Zardari from leaving Pakistan

President Asif Ali Zardari. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) has issued a notice to the federal government in relation to a request that called for barring President Asif Ali Zardari from leaving the country, Express News reported on Friday.

The notice was issued in relation to the Abbottabad operation by the United States (US) which killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011.

The notice was issued by a two-judge bench headed by Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali. The next hearing is scheduled for September 3, just few days before Zardari completes his presidential tenure on September 8.

During the two hour operation, US helicopters and a C-130 aircraft hovered over the palatial mansion where Bin Laden was hiding before launching the assault.

Memogate whistle blower Mansoor Ijaz had accused President Zardari of asking former ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani to write a memorandum, seeking Obama administration’s help to avert military takeover in the wake of Bin Laden’s killing.

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, it was incorrectly stated that the apex court has barred Zardari from leaving the country. The error is regretted. 

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7 responses to “SC Bars Zardari from leaving Pakistan”

  1. Well done SC. Zardari who came to power fraudulently by fooling the jahil awam into believing a cock and bull story of a toilet paper last will signed by your late great “Shaheed” Rani anointing him as a co-chairman of the family run pseudo-democratic feudal mafia run PPP should pay for his crimes. I hope SC make him payback all the money he has stolen through his nose if need be. Democracy is the best revenge my ass, its more like the goose that lays golden eggs.

    • Pakistan Supreme court which is filled with Jalandar Group, Arian Group and Jaat Group have nothing else to do but just focus on Asif Zardari who happen to be a PPP Leader and also happen to be a Sindhi. SC and Punjab based media definitely has a role in keeping alive the polarization of small provinces vs Punjab.

      How was Imran Khan pardoned by Supreme Court? would SC had done teh same thing if a Sindhi Leader had said these words that IK had used.

      Anybody now can see the difference of attitudes when SC is dealing with a Punjabi leader or a Sindhi leader.

      Was such a complain filed against Gen Kyani also since he was a part of the game also which supposidley AAZ is being blamed for but since Kyani is a Punjabi leader why should we do so. What is a happening today reflects what our courts and establishment had done with Benagli leadership. Bengalis were smart enough once they realized that they will never get insaaf from West Pakistan and they separated. Sindhis are stupids who are dying on roads of Rawalpindi and going to gallows in Rawalpindi jails.

    • Why not you file in SC (Chaudary courts) that AAZ should be hanged for his crimes. may be you will rest in peace after that.

  2. Its not about Sindhis or Punjabis, I agree with you that Iftikhar CJ is not a just or unbiased person, he is nothing more then an opportunist who took advantage of the change that was brought on by those deranged criminal “LIARS or LAWYERS”.
    Having said that, it does not change the fact that Zardari and his clan are the worst thing that happened to Pakistan since 1971, Pee Pee Pee’ five years of so-called democratic rule has pushed this country on the brink of a major calamity, everywhere you look there is destruction and mayhem and PPP’ leaders kept harping how democracy is the best revenge. I personally think that PPP is on a mission to pay us back for the deaths of their so-called Shaheeds. They have figured it out that the best and safest way to destroy Pakistan is by gutting the economy and they went about it with bluster, PIA, Railways, Steeel Mill, Power Plants, OGDC and all the institutions were fleeced in a very “Democratic” way. This is the game they are playing now in Karachi, the economic hub of Pakistan, by supporting the animalistic PAC of Liyari to create mayhem in Karachi. To drive away any investment and bring the economy to a grinding halt. PMLN is a party of morons who think that by facilitating PPP they are playing their part in keeping this diseased democracy alive. I would prefer a rule of a single tyrant then these so-called democratic leaders, who by the way cannot even spell the word democracy.

  3. This man Zardari should be hung upside down naked and left to rot. He was a disaster for Pakistan, him and his feudal cronies. They destroyed every public institution in the name of democracy. Allah SWT inflicts punishments on these people but they never learn, see how the corruption queen BB maqtoola left this world empty handed after amassing billions of looted money from the poor people of Pakistan. A recent example is that moron ex-PM Gillani, with all his ephedrine money and loan defaults his son was abducted and no trace as of yet. I am sure that Zardari will not enjoy all this money he has stolen, Ameen. Sharif family’ end will also be a lesson for all to see. Don’t these people ever think that one day we are all going to die? how will all this corruption money and wealth benefit them? was BB buried with her money?

  4. Of course it is a matter of Sindhis vs Punjabis. SC , Army and Punjab based media has different attitude towards Punjabi leaders and Sindhi leaders same attitude what they had with Bengali leadership. Pakistan Muslim League was formed in Dacca and Sindh had voted for Pakistan where as your beloved Punjab had voted against formation of Pakistan.

    Bengalis were smart they knew that they will never get insaaf from Punjab and they made the smart move of forming their own country. Sindhis specially PPP is stupid that it is still a federation party.

    Dear Khalid Bhatti so long pars against PPP and only one sentence against PML(N) shows your punjabi mentality. I myself is Punjabi but I believe I should raise my voice against any unjust attitude by MEdia SC and ppl like you who have PPP dushmaini transferred through generations.

    It is just two months and PML(N) progress is also on the table. As Hassan Nisar mentioned, compare the daily commodity rates when PPP left with today’s rates.

    PML(N) is making a pretext to sell Pakistan assets to Mansha group PIA, Railways, banks, State Industry, Railways etc. since they are eyeing at the real estate value of Railways. real estate values of Airports, real estate values of lot of other things.

    Nandi pur expanse from 22 arab to 65 arab withing two years period is good enough to see the massive corruption by your beloved Punjabi Leaders and arranging local bodies election on non-party basis is an example of confidence your beloved PML(N) has in political system

  5. The hell with PMLN too. Their crimes list is not as long as PPP’ list but still very damning. What makes you think that I care an iota about PMLN? just because I state the facts about your PPP make me a PMLN supporter? If I had my way I would make sure that none of these two exist in any shape or form. They are both cut from the same cloth.