Why is there silence?

Why is there silence?

I read these words by a dear friend today while checking my Facebook. And these words touched my heart.

کل تک قرآن کی بے حرمتی پر شور مچانے والے مسلمان آج قرآن کی وارث بی بی زینب (ع) کے مزار پر ہونے والے حملے پر چپ سادھے ہوے ہیں-”

اے مسلموں کیا رسول پاک (ص) کی نواسی عافیہ صدیقی جتنی اہم بھی نہیں جس کے لئے صبح شام شور مچاتے ہو – علی(ع) کی بیٹی کے مزار پر حملے پر خاموشی؟

This sounded like a plea from a heart that was badly wounded by the silence of his fellows. I was compelled to write this article because I have been in that place when people have remained silent when Pakistani Christians are persecuted or our Churches are burnt down. Yet when it comes to issues like Afia Siddiqui, Palestine etc the whole nation is shaking with hate and ready to desert their own country to support them. It is high time the people of Pakistan who declare their allegiance to other countries instead of Pakistan set their loyalties straight. Where are the people now who are ready to burn and blast? Why is there silence by the people and the mullahs. Is it because this was done by the mujahideen who are supporting without realizing that they are operatives of Al Qaeda and TTP? If this was carried out by the West the nation of Pakistan would have been in uproar. This would have been blasphemy. Why is there silence? Is it the hypocrisy that reigns in our hearts holding us back? Let us break our silence and stand against the desecration of holy places. Let us stand against the agents of war and hate. Let us stand for peace.


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  1. Dear Ms. Kristina Yn,
    History repeats itself. About 1400 years ago, when her brothers were brutally murdered in Karbala and the daughters of the prophet were paraded in the Bazaars, their was a similar silence, then and afterwards. Pakistani news media, like desecration Hujir bin Addi’s (RA) body, has treacherously blacked out the news. There is no Petro-dollar to mobilize the reaction for Bibi (SA), but there are tonnes of them behind Aafia. Interest, the vested interest matters ultimately.

  2. This silence needs to be broken by the people who have a voice. Even if it is not the majority. We have to speak for what we hold precious.

  3. Yes, you are right, silence is also a crime. Silence by the people and the mullahs and they do know that these are operatives of Al Qaeda and TTP. The crimes committed are met with silence from leaders of the Ummah, Muslim community, and press it becomes double crime.

  4. The author has reminded me of a Christian priest (who was present in the court of Yazid), when Abu Abd Allah Al-Hussein’s (AS) severed head and his (bare headed) pious sisters (Peace be upon them) were presented to Caliph Yazid. The Caliph was ridiculing and taunting the captive and helpless daughters of the Prophet (SAWAW). This was too much for the follower of the freedom fighter Prophet —- Jesus (AS), he strongly protested against Yazidi excesses. Yazid’s wrath befell upon him, the priest was beheaded at once. Have no doubt, on the day of judgement, the priest will be in the camp of Ahlul Bait Athar.

    May Allah (SWT) bless Kristina’s and Rusty’s for the pain they feel for the sufferings of our Lord’s daughters. You are far far dearer to me than the indifferent Musalman.

    Ya Hussein (AS).

    • Thank you for your kind words Abdullah. We all are fighting the same war against the forces of hate. We all have to play our part to end it.

  5. May Allah destroy those who are silent because they want support yazid and his crimes.

  6. You yourself mentioned the reason behind this sickening criminal silence..”She is the daughter of ALI(a.s)”and ‘that’ explains a lot