Why are the Taliban and other jihadi and sectarian organizations destroying barber shops, CD shops, girls schools? Imran Khan, Hamid Gul, Read this…

The Pakistani nations is fighting for its survival against the forces of darkness, the jihadi and sectarian beasts who want to establish their tunnel-visioned khilafat in Pakistan and the world over. Criminals such as Imran Khan, Israr Ahmed, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Roedad Khan, Kashif Abbasi, Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir, Mushtaq Minhas, Hamid Gul, Aslam Beg etc are directly and indirectly supporting terrorism in Pakistan. Mulah Omar and Osamah bin Laden have given these criminals the task of confusing the Pakistani nation so that people remain divided and confused in this most important war on terror…Read this op-ed by Shafqat Mahmood





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