On a side note: Imran Khan in D.G. Khan

Imran Khan is the only leader in which Taliban and pseudo-liberals see some hope.

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Apparently, the PTI wallas lured poor people to Imran Khan’s jalsa in D.G. Khan through a false promise of the distribution of ration to the flood affected people. The situation turned ugly when the only thing the people got from Imran Khan’s public meeting was his oft-repeated commitment to creating a welfare state in Pakistan:


According to Express Tribune, Imran Khan’s welfare state is ‘coming soon’:

Intellectuals dream of transformation and the general Pakistani public just wants something – (anything!) – that is different. Thanks to the media, or some of the more responsible parts of it, there is a prospect that future elections will be issue based.

“Change is imminent” says PTI leader Imran Khan, though granted that he has been saying this for a while.

He is suggesting an upcoming campaign of civil disobedience to drag in the change that should have happened eons ago.

According to Imran Khan, now that the media and judiciary are independent, the next step is for the election commission to become autonomous. It has to be linked up with the Nadra database.

Each year 4 million youth reach the hallowed age of 18, where in a country of few rights, they, as well as other nameless members of society can vote. It would eradicate crimes that are committed anonymously by those who dodge the system…A CNIC should be compulsory.

Fortunately though, in these unfortunate times, political parties are mobilizing at the grassroots level. In the end who to vote for is a very personal choice, but voting gives us a fresh start in terms of ideas, causes and systems -independent of any personality.



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