On Safdar Abbasi’s participation in Geo TV’s Capital Talk – by Abdul Nishapuri

Not unlike Jatoi and Khar, Safdar Abbasi and his wife Naheed Khan are being used by the establishment (Teen Jeem: Judges, Journalists, Journails) to malign and bring down the PPP government.

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This is with reference to Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk (Geo TV) on 25 October 2010:


There are two obvious flaws in Hamid Mir’s logic:

1. The PPP (or the federal government) has not banned Geo TV’s transmission or any of its programs. Given the Geo TV’s unprofessional and unethical campaign against President Zardadri and the PPP, the PPP have decided to not to participate in any talk-shows / programs of Geo TV. This is their political and ethical right.

PPP announces complete boycott of Geo TV – Finally!

Independent media analysts (e.g. Abbas Ather, Nadeem Paracha, Ayaz Amir, Kamran Shafi etc) have directly or indirectly criticized the unprofessional anti-PPP campaign by the Jang Group / Geo TV.

For example, this recent article by NFP:

Cranky nobility: On PPP’s boycott of Geo TV – by Nadeem F Paracha

2. Safdar Abbasi has been continuously violating the directives and policies of the PPP on various issues and matters (right from the NRO to the policy of reconciliation). Safdar Abbasi’s participation in today’s Capital Talk is an evidence of his wilful defiance of the party policies. Therefore, the party decided to suspend his membership from the PPP’s Central Executive Committee.

There are many such precedences in other parties and even in the media of disciplinary proceedings. For example, in the same Jang Group, Mir Shakiul-ur-Rahman (CEO of Geo TV / The News) forced Shaheen Sehbai to resign because of his violation of the Jang Group’s policies.

Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s letter to Shaheen Sehbai

Therefore, disciplining Safdar Abbasi etc is the PPP’s internal matter which must be left to the party.



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