In Naya Pakistan, PTI-JI coalition presents Naya Budget


A lot of figure fudging and wrong calculations in KPK’s budget document. Higher education budget actually decreased this year.

KP Elementary & Secondary Education Budget increased from 20.96 to 24.6. This is an increase of 17%, not 33% as shown in the document

KP higher education budget fell from 3.45 to 3.4 billion, while the budget document shows an increase of 12.7%

KP health budget increased from 9.19 to 9.6. This is increase of 4%, not 18.2% as shown in the document.

Last time the Govt Salaries had 83 billion, now there is no mention of this. PTI-JI just changed the heads to look good on education. They have shifted 56.4Bn salaries from district salary head to education head. District salaries shown last year as 67.55Bn and this year 0.1Bn. Sectoral expenditure document show 56.44Bn in salaries for elementary and secondary education institutions.

All percentage increases shown in Table on page 3 are completely wrong.

Budget document (pdf): n pdf

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In other words, all this noise by PTI-JI activists and lovers over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s educational budget increase is actually cosmetic, much like army shifted salaries out of defence budget.

This Express Tribune report 1000% increase in KP’s education budget shows the poor level of professional journalism in Pakistan.


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Credits: Faraz, Shahid and others on Twitter.



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