Poor Umar Cheema and lonely Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan – by Sikandar Mehdi

Mir kia sada hain beemar huay jis ke sabab: Umar Cheema's encounter with 'the enemy'

I was away for few weeks but alot has happened since I wrote last. CJ, Media, Lawyers, Taliban almost came full circle.

Media had the field-day when they delivered the breaking news about the withdrawal of the judges reinstatement notification. The question is this “bay-gharait ” media never even repents on such hypothetical news without bringing any source. All of a sudden the analysts, intellectuals and you name who appeared on the retail media outlets (Geo TV the most prominent of them).

Some of the names I couldn’t believe talked of democracy and some retired general talked of corruption, retired former diplomats gave opinions on presidents underwear and top it all the shameless media + anchor persons kept barking and barking for twenty four hours but they couldn’t even bring a single source to the TV to corroborate the breaking news of black sheep.

I didn’t get a chance to read most of the stuff in the news papers recently neither did I had the chance to go thru the channels. I was going to wait till I get to absorb the recent events before i send any post.

But one small news item made me write this and guess what: Umar Cheema is again in the news. He reported that he was followed again by a land cruiser on his way back to his home. The land cruiser followed him for almost nine miles then Cheema Sahib took a turn for his home in some PWD housing scheme in the outskirts of Islamabad.

Previously it was reported that he lives in F-8, now he is in PWD Scheme, that was a quick move. Cheema Sahib saw that nothing came of the last incident; he again wanted to be in the headlines so new story came out. Probably Umar Cheema is not aware of the modern technology introduced to Pakistan by the name of MOBILE PHONE.

Dear Cheema Sahib, if that land cruiser was following you for nine miles did you call the Interior Minister who is holding inquiry about your last beating? Did you call your friend Chief justice who is also holding inquiry into your beating? Did you call your mentor Ansar Abbasi? Did you call the police station? Did you call any of your sources in the agencies that spooks are following you? Did you call your favorite army about the danger?

Basically you did nothing; if you did you should have mentioned in the story. Stop fooling people with your cheap stunts. You are nobody and these old tricks for publicity are not in vogue anymore.

Another column that I got through was from Dr AQ Khan, remember our father of nuclear bomb. The man who is almost in his mid eighties but his brain is giving up on him. He trashed Musharraf for trashing Nawaz Sharif but then Dr Qadeer Sahib a scientist got into the street language and started trashing even worst that what Musharraf did to Nawaz. At the end, he says he is still knocking at the door for justice. My question to Qadeer Sahib, sir, put the question to CJ remember the one you wanted so much to be back in the saddle. Public can’t provide you with the justice; it is the SC, keep knocking, there is nobody home. The only way to retrieve a response from the SC is if your petition contains the following name: Asif Zardari



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