Pakistan’s Youth Runs for First Ever Twitter Parliament

Youth on twitter started a new campaign named ‘Pakistan Twitter Parliament’ #PKTP, where polls for Prime Minister are soon to be held. The Prime Minister will then choose his / her cabinet.

In this race a young PPP supporter Ali Waqas ( who had named his Party as ‘Pakistan Social Democrats’ is participating. I as being a LUBP member support Ali Waqas (bonbondue) for #PKPT elections and also urge all respected LUBP readers to vote for him based on his manifesto. Voting will start at 3:00 PM PST tomorrow on twitter through a twitpoll application. If you are active on, you can enlist and save #PKPT to remain updated regarding polls.

Bonbondude 4 PM Manifesto -Pakistan Twitter Parliament #PKTF:

Source: Bonbondude’s Blog [You can Follow Ali Waqas at]

Hello My Fellow Pakistani Twittizens,

Please scroll down to see my initial manifesto. I am inculcating all good advice on the top, that I am getting from #PKTP observes.

I believe that Pakistan Twitter Parliament [#PKTP] is a commendable initiative. As it is a a mess to find your favorite candidate’s manifesto tweets, so I will be posting all my manifesto related tweets manually on this post. If you need any thing added or you want some explanations and have question, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Thanks.

Please note that I am trying to include all my manifesto tweets in this post. In case you find any duplication, please forgive me because errors can occur.  I will be updating this post on consistent bases as I tweet more regarding my manifesto.

Update: As per recommendation from fellow and very well learned tweeple, I_Asad, I am also adding these tweets from him in the manifesto:

1. Electrify as much of #Pakistan as you can asap.

2. Create a #National Market 1 will help in that massively

3. Freeze #Defence spending reduce size of armed forces 4 Introduce blanket documentation in the economy

4. Education reform Universal syllabi and Curricula up to class 10 All children be provide schooling at state expense

5. Medium of instruction till primary level to be the mother tongue of children, polyglot mongrels do not make good learners

6. Concurrently with other subjects, teach a skill from class 5 upwards – woodworking, masonry, metalworking, welding etc

7. Foster Public-private partnership to enlarge the manufacturing sector.

8. Reduce dependence upon cotton, right now your single worthwhile cash crop expand sugar cane cultivation

9 Expand #Cement, Steel and #power sectors

10. ALL CPIs generate their own electricity Make it madatory for them to supply power within a radius of 25 miles of their plants

11. Make it mandatory for sugar mills to have a distillery Produce #Power alcohol, blend with #Gasoline reduce #Energy imports

Contribution from @Chitposh; Agro industry shall be brought near 2 producers in rural areas whereas humanresource dependant industry shall b urbanised #PKTP

Few Questions from fellow Twittizons answered by Ali Waqas (Bonbondude) about the manisfesto:

Poverty Alleviation Will B Given Top Priority. After Education, Poverty Reduction & Uprooting Will B Allocated Largest Budget Chunk #PKTP

@harisgulzar as #PKTP candidate I testify that I won’t be using any “luring” or “greed” measures to #Win

#PKTP will be dedicated a free wordpress blog, where every one from cabinet will be able to document his/her concerns, ideas, suggestions

No Political Hatred To Be Planted Within #PKTP under my Premiership


@bonbondude #PKTP How can we assume? , when u will get the seat of PM then u will work for the ppls of #Pakistan


@Rectified_Guy U have my Manifesto Documented on #Twitter #Servers. U can have me accountable if I deviate from the Manifesto. Simple #PKTP

I am not contesting this PM for #PKTP election on conventional politics; The Agenda is only National Politics Of Reconciliation And Welfare

If I am elected as PM #PKTP, I’ll make sure every1 who want’s his/her voice heard is on board. No bias on party, religion, ethnic base

We need a transparent, sound & well-structured parliament, judiciary, bureaucracy, and army to strengthen democracy #PKTP

A Comprehensive health care bill is also a prt of manifesto. Free Govt-Private Partnership sponsored Health Facilities For All #PKTP

Every Pakistani, Regardless Of His/Her Religion, Can Be Elected / Selected To Any Public/ Private Office #PKTP #Pakistan

Pakistan To be Transformed Into A Welfare State; Where The Elitist Pay Their Taxes And Workers/ Labors AaM Admi Reap Their Hardwork #PKTP

The Minister Will be Responsible For His/Here Ministry. any proof of corruption will Automatically Bring The Concerned Ministers, Bureaucracy In Court #PKTP

If A Party Boycotts Election, It Will Be Suspended Under New Election Reforms. No One Has A Right To Take The Right To Vote From Ppl #PKTP

#Pakistan Needs A new #constitution; One In Which Every Citizen Gets A Right To Get Education. Home , Clothing, Food Etc #Pakistan

Broadband DSL Connection Will Be Provided Free Of Cost To Every Citizen Of Pakistan#PKTP #Manifesto

Removing All Discriminatory Articles From Constitution That Prevent An Individual From Practicing his/her Religion Free #PKTP

Diplomatic Relations To Be Cultivated With Israel In Order For Trade And To Help Palestinian Brothers/ Sisters With Work Rather Words #PKTP

Land Reforms To Be Tabled If And Only If Laborers And Workers Want In Agreement To Every Stakeholder; Govt Land To Be Distributed Equally Among All Needy Farmers#Pakistan

Every Pakistani will Have A right To Non-Biased Equal Education System And Employment Opportunities #PKTP #Pakistan

IT Industry To Get Special Leverages Like Tax-Holiday On Their Services; Better Telco Infrastructure To Be Planned For IT Industry #PKTP

We Need More Trade Instead Of Aid; All Focus On Getting Into WTO And Harvesting Economic Benefits For Common Citizens #Pakistan #PKTP

Law Making For Media To Be Carried Out On Basis Of Responsible Reporting, Non-Degradation And Non-Political Affiliation #PKTP

Formation OF A System So Transparent And Accountable, that No One, and that categorically includes Army, Politicians, Bureaucracy , Judiciary, would Be Able to Manipulate #PKTP

All Universities Should BE Bound To Create Separate Research & Development departments For Industrial Innovation To Take Place #PKTP #PAkistan

#PKTP Will Act As An Initial Forum To Launch A Better Pakistani System. We Have Pakistan, All We Need Is A System To Run It Glitch Free.

Member Of The Parliament R Not To Be Shackled In Chains On Party Politics; They Have A Right To Go For/Against Any Bill #PKTP #Pakistan

Eradication Of Politics Based On Ethnicity Or Religious Dogma; Every1 Is Equal And Should Have Equal Rights #PKTP

Imposing Education Emergency In The Country. A Comprehensive Task Force To Facilitate, Support And Initiate Educational Projects #PKTP

Take All Political State Actors [Stake Holders] Into Confidence On Any National Security Issue – No Decision To Be Made W/o Mutual Consent #PKTP #PAkistan

Politics OF Reconciliation, Mutual Agreement And Goodwill To Be Carried Out #Pakistan#PKTP

Deep Engagement on Military/ Economic Strategic Partnerships W/ Countries Who Support Our Role as Leaders on War on Terror.

Creating Employment Opportunities By Creating A Foreign Investment Supportive Environment In The Country #Pakistan #PKTP

Food, Clothing, Home, Education, Employment, Health Services For All Pakistanis

Regardless OF Their Political Alignment and their cast, creed or color #Pakistan #PKTP



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