PTA bans Roshni – Pakistan’s most popular progressive Urdu FB page

In yet another disappointing move, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority earlier this week banned Roshni – one of the few Urdu pages on Facebook promoting progressive ideas and alternative opinions. The page was banned without a notice and has been inaccessible in Pakistan for more than two days now.

PTA message displayed when Roshni is tried to be accessed

PTA message displayed when Roshni is tried to be accessed

This is not the first time PTA has tried to curb freedom of speech. YouTube has been banned in Pakistan for servral months. An indepedent #ShiaGenocide watchdog website ShiaKilling is also banned for several days. PTA could have spent their time better by blocking countless websites, blogs and Facebook pages being operated by terrorist organisations like Sipah Sahaba ASWJ, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi which are freely accessible in Pakistan inctiing hatred and violence against Shia, Christians and Hindus, other minorities. Examples of such websites and pages include  Facebook page Umar Media run by Tehrik Taliban inciting violence against people of Pakistan and its armed forces and Ulema e Deoband Facebook page run by banned Sipah Sahaba ASWJ promiting hateful literature against minorities.

Roshni FB page banned by PTA

Roshni FB page banned by PTA

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Readers are also requested to log a complaint by emailing to

What is Roshni?

Roshni ( is Pakistan’s most populat progressive Urdu portal with no affiliation to any political party or religious organisation. It is an effort of concerned citizens of Pakistan aimed at promoting alternative opinions, tolerance, diversity, harmony and is a leading voice against extremism and oppression of minorities.

Within a period of one year, Roshni’s online membership or fan base has crossed 32,000. The page reaches more than 400,000 people every week – transmitting a progressive, liberal message to far reaches of Pakistan on issues related to society, politics, religion, history, culture, current affairs, news and more.

Why Roshni is important?

Everyone is entitled to the fundamental human right to freedom of thought, conscience and speech. Pakistan has a long history of suppressing dissenting voices whether they be political, religious or any issues. There has never been a better time in a country facing bloodbath due to extremism, to promote alternative opinions and progressive liberal ideas. That is precisely what Roshni has been doing, that too in the language which masses understand – the simple use of Urdu language.

Article 19 of UNDHR states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Blocking of Roshni Facebook page without a notice by PTA is a breach of article 18 and 19 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Roshni FB Page Link:

Why Roshni is banned?

Roshni is neither anti-state nor anti-religion – the two excuses the state of Pakistan uses to block all voices. Yes, it is a disenting voice. Roshni is the voice of oppressed and persecuted people of Pakistan. It has stood for Ahmadi Muslims, it has spoken for the Shia community, it did campaign for oppressed Hindu community facing forced conversions and was a strong voices over issue of blasphemy laws and supported the Chrisitain community help raise their voice.

Roshni subsribes to progressive, secular, liberal ideas and has been promiting alternative opinions on matter of religion, politics, culture, society, news and current affairs considering these ideals. Roshni has no record of promoting hatred or inciting violence, rather it promotes diversity, tolerance and harmony.


  • Sign this petition.
  • Log a complaint to PTA by email at this address.



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