Kamran Khan’s Dirty Role -Desperation? by Muhammad Amjad Rashid

I have listened a big part of “Today with Kamran Khan” on Geo and I have come to this point that Jang Group or Geo Group is now very worried after the declaration of prime minister that there will be strict inquiry against those who tried to make a collision between government and judiciary by spreading false news.
I watched Dunia Tv and other t.v channels exclusive talks on the speech of prime minister and all people agreed totally with Prime Minister’s speech and its every statement. Every person was saying that Yousaf Raza Gillani is trying to make all people united and to avoid collision and I listened that Farrukh Saleem accepted that the successes which were counted by Gillani in his speech are really the success of present democratic government.
But when I watched Geo, I saw that Kamran Khan was like a worried poisonous snake in great anger after the speech of Prime Minister. Kamran Khan totally tried to oppose the speech of Prime Minister. Interestingly there was no talk on the statement of Prime Minister’s about inquiry on false news while on all other statements of Gillani Kamran tried to falsify these by calling some 3rd class people.
The reality is now emerging that Geo group was the base of false news that’s why they are clearing the old false news from their website and other forums to avoid inquiry. But the whole nation has now wakened up and Judiciary is itself interested in pure researches in this perspective.
The sweet sleep of SC judges was disturbed only by Geo. Interestingly the other media persons and channels have supported Prime Minister’s speech and they are not in a position to accompany Geo. So it is clear that Geo has fallen down in same hole which it tried to dig against democracy.
Kamran Khan and other Geo programmes are certainly an effort to make a collision between executive and judiciary, which should be noticed by judiciary at once. I think if Geo only is banned than there can be peace in Pakistan.



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