Each day of democratic government is doomsday for establishment and media – by Amjad Rashid


I believe that Indian media is true in its statements regarding Pakistani media. Indian news & print media persons often use to say that Pakistan is a heaven for media. I now totally believe that this is truly said by Indian media men because in Pakistan, media is not only free but it is “free, fee and free”. Loot sale of substandard news shows and programs are available 24 hours each day. Stage Jokers like Sohail Ahmad, Khalid Abbas Dar, Amanullah, Nasim Wikee and many other jokers like these persons are now core heart of news shows in Pakistan. These jokers are also leading to be a “Joker Pakistan” because these people are born and bred in “joke environment” and they consider it only a joke which they daily do on stage.

These are the people who have first demolished famous Pakistani stage due to their vulgar jokes and now they are tending to destruct news forums. I think that in the company of these jokers, our news men which were already part of media are also converting to their non serious acts. One of these acts was the news about taking back the order by which PM Gillani restored Iftikhar Chaudhary and other judiciary.

This was mere a joke attack from establishment on government. It was a devil’s wish to make a quarrel between judiciary and government. It was the time for judiciary to show not any response to these false news but the judiciary showed that it is bred on the milk of establishment and at 2:00 A.M, at so late night, all judged of supreme court gathered like a political party in SC and then later, they issued that PM has no right to take back the restoration bill as it is against the constitution.

Now it is very sad that dozens of people die daily due to lack of resources in Pakistan. Daily many people suicide due to their poor financial situations but SC Judges go to sleep early in the night. They never gathered on any public issue so late of night. At 10:00 P.M there are bomb blasts in Pakistan and it is the duty of judiciary to take action against these actions to support government but the judges use to sleep at 10:00 P.M. But when judges heard the false news about their dismissals then they forgot their sweet sleeps and at once gathered so late night in SC because it was in their own interest.

Now common man of Pakistan is also understating whole scenario. Common Pakistani human now understands that judges are acting like political parties and doing well only for their own benefits. The sole decision on sugar to control its price to 40 rupees per KG is not even imposed by Iftikhar Chaudhary and it is a shame for him which he has never felt. The only motive of Iftikhar Chaudhary is to bow down the head of Zardari before him as Zardari didn’t restored him at once, so, Chaudhary went into hands of establishment and now taking his revenge from Zardari.

Asma Jahangir, who first of all declared that judicial dictatorship is emerging in Pakistan, is not being criticized by 3rd class lawyers who are trying to promote themselves on the money of establishment. I think that all this drama is being played to sabotage Asma’s efforts to promote true and unbiased picture of lawyers. It seems that it is planned to give a defeat to Asma Jahangir in SC bar elections and to make happy those lawyers who protested against Judiciary in Lahore in previous days.

But government has certainly shown testimony of peace and democracy and it has clearly declared that it has no intention to take back the bill which restored judiciary. It is very good for the stability of democratic system that government shows sincerity for state and trying to prevent any collision. Government has not recruited any joker in it and that’s why work is more than boasting. But the whole situation is clearly telling that as usual, the PPP government is a thorn in the foot of establishment and every day is doomsday for it.

5 responses to “Each day of democratic government is doomsday for establishment and media – by Amjad Rashid”

  1. Same behaviour is of GEO TV Host Kamran Khan who nowadays “advising” Nawaz Sharif for the Long March against the elected government and what not and now watch as to how Kamran Khan “behaving” with a Military Dictator General Musharraf and also read Kamran Khan’s “Alleged Investigative Report” which he filed in The News International/Daily Jang 11 Years ago against an Elected Government. Such Interviews should be called “Press Conferences” Real & Ugly Face of Express News Group & GEO/Jang. http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2010/10/real-ugly-face-of-express-news-group.html

  2. Doulat KAy PUJARY GEO,JANG , GROUP . jamhoreat dushman mir shakeel ur hman ,kamran khan,shaheen sehbai,ansar abasi ,suleh zafir and co .MEDIA PAY QABIZ JAHEL TREEN ZIDDI , ANCHOR PERSON , CHANEELS OWNER apnay psyco punke wajha say mulk aur qoum ka qemty time berbad kartay hain ,ya saray democracy kay dushman hain !

  3. “Stage Jokers” is the most appropriate word to describe the hosts of these programs. They are merely ridiculing the government to increase the viewership of their programs, because all the humor they use is substandard and unethical.