This leprous daybreak: Pakistan’s apex court’s misplaced focus – by pejamistri

Ali Ahmed Kurd is absolutely right in saying that:

یہ داغ داغ اجالا یہ شب گزیدہ سحر
وہ انتظار تھا جسکا یہ وہ سحر تو نہیں

(Transl: This leprous daybreak, dawn night’s fangs have mangled – This is not that long-looked-for break of day (Faiz))

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry (CJ IMC) will have to come out of his mistaken thinking that there is “no difference” between a democratic government and a dictatorship. His focus is misplaced, he needs to remember that the movement of restoration of judiciary was against the mad dictator 21st century and primary objective of that movement was to kick out the dictatorship and bring a democratic set up in Pakistan.

In the hindsight it is obvious that CJ IMC was supported by the current Don in order to throw former Don (the mad dictator). CJ IMC despite posing as a hero in the movement of restoration of judiciary did not come with clean hands as it seems that he was just a pawn in the great game of mafia.

However CJ IMC does deserve respect for being the symbol of freedom during those great days of one of the greatest struggle against the most tyrant dictator of this century. He however does not realize that he could have retained this respect in the history , if he had refused to be pawn of the establishment after the restoration of democracy.
But as they say
یہ رتبہ بلند ملا جسکو مل گیا

Listen to Asma Jahangir

One thing I feel is that CJ IMC has a heavy burden of gratitude from Khalil Ur Rahman Ramday, it is true that Ramday passed the July 20th verdict , however it was in no way any favor from him to IMC. At the moment to me it looks like IMC is finding it hard to pay back to Ramday even though he has given him extension. My assessment is that CJ IMC is a very impressionable person and his decisions/actions are influenced by the people near him. Since during the movement of restoration of judiciary people like Kurd, AA and Athar accompanied him his (CJ’s) actions were more honorable and correct. He never gave any political statement , he always acted in a dignified manner. And even he went to Zardari for condolences. But that’s only speculation.

Most import thing is that judges should realize that they are performing in a democratic setup and they must keep this distinction that it is the choice of people of Pakistan to elect the government even if it is disliked by them (judges) or anyone.



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