Wise Guys and Consumers – by Naseer Ahmed

Wise Guys and Consumers – by Naseer Ahmed



Consumer: O wise one, I have come here to find answers to problems I suffer every day. I am a consumer. I suffer bad products, bad services, bad food and fake medicines. This bad quality of necessities and luxuries damages different aspects of my life badly. What should I do to make things better?

Plato: Well, You are not real consumer. How could you expect real products, real services, real food and real medicines when you are a mere copy of pure consumer?

Consumer: What is this crap, o wise one? Here I suffer everyday and you question my reality. Who is this real and pure consumer then?

Plato: This consumer contemplates, meditates and deliberates on real products and services.Besides, this consumer tries to acquire proper training before contemplating on real products and services.

Consumer: Could you please show me this real consumer consuming real products and services?

Plato: You have to have proper training to see this consumer and those products and services. You need proper qualifications to step out of world of shadows so that you could join world of forms.

Consumer: And how could I get that training and those qualifications?

Plato: you are welcome in Academy.

Consumer: How long is this training?

Plato: It is long course. It just takes around forty years to access the wonderful realm of real products and real services.

Consumer: Could you show me those real products, services and consumers?

Plato: You have not developed that level of understanding which gets you closer to realm of forms.

Consumer: It seems I would end up in Hades wandering here and there seeking salvation that might never come if I follow your advice because I need to use available products and services in order to live. Pretension of being better than ordinary people is no solution to problems I suffer daily. Besides, it is quite obvious that fame in wisdom is a consequence of perfecting the art of stupidity.

Plato: Rudeness to experts is a very good evidence of being stupid. You live in the cave and only bright sunshine is a way out of caves, shadows, defective, faulty and damaging products and services.

Consumer: The one who uses products and services knows where they hurt. Experts are a fancy talking club using fancy stuff and giving their undeserved positions fancy names. You ask me to go after that does not exist. Why don’t you ask me try to have those items which you and other wealthy people use. It seems your sunshine is a good name for your illusions.

Plato: That is why I keep saying abdomen does not know what goes on head. Shadows cannot perceive reality. Your egotist ranting would never ever guide you to real products and services. You need to discipline your desires in order to use them for gaining truth and knowledge.

Consumer: We both have heads and bellies. Do not please use our bodies to deny our possibilities. Mistreating a real woman for Athena or any other ideal woman is cruelty and stupidity. When you cannot show your ideal woman, it means you are asking me to follow a shadow. You are doing this because pretension of higher knowledge justifies your wealth and power. Your illusions are not truth or knowledge but an exercise in feel good factors.

Plato: Your ignorance and low origins cannot cure your biases and prejudices. Ideal is the real guide to real.

Consumer: Whether it is Zeus or fish, we both have common origins. Ideal is a copying and pasting of real. Using excellent carpets and fine wines does not make you wise if such wonderful products and service are a result of assisting pretenders to exploit originals. Frankly speaking, I do not think you are wise at all. You are just massaging your highly inflated ego. I would go to city assembly and fellow citizens instead. I would ask law makers to make laws in order to protect my rights to have safe, healthy and good products and services. It is
Collective wisdom that makes things better. Wisdom is appreciation and celebration of diversity and equality, not your dangerous ambitions.

Plato: City assembly where fools debate after eating too much. It hurts me to see that idiots like you hanged the best man in the town.

Consumer: That so called best man conspired against our freedom. He should have not been hanged but he was no best man at all. He had fun with rich youth and to please his friends he tried to take our choices and freedom. Our best man was Pericles because we chose him. Our Best man was Solon who made laws for us.

Plato: Past glory would not bring eradicate present misery.
Consumer: Trying to do away with democracy is longing for past too. You are trying to eliminate our democratic past and present for a very dark and miserable future full of shadows murdering real people.

Plato: Go to hell, Death to democracy.

Consumer: Death to tyranny.

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